Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Redesign Rupert preparing two initiatives for upcoming launch

A pair of concepts that were first explored during last fall's Redesign Rupert workshops are getting closer to their debut, with the organization exploring two initiatives to introduce to the community later this Spring.

Redesign Rupert is taking those notes from last fall develop to a new program to make accessing information easier in the community, as well as to explore ways to promote the expansion of a popular youth program in the city.

The First of the projects will be the development and maintenance of an online Community Services Directory, that project is being helmed by Willa Thorpe, the Director of Recreation and Community Services for the City of Prince Rupert.

The Directory is the result of her work with the Children, Youth and Families Action Group of Redesign Rupert and will provide information on a program-by-program basis.

It will include program-specific contact information, including such elements as the street address for the program, phone and email contact information as well as any online information that is available about the Program.

Ms. Thorpe is currently inviting community groups to contact her in order to provide the information that is pertinent to their program, from there it will be included under the major headings of the Directory once it is complete.

Those with information for the program are asked to contact her at As part of the new process for delivering information, she is also requesting that organizations no longer provide updates to the Googledoc form that was previously in use.

The scope of the Community Services Directory project is one which requires significant resources to develop and maintain such an online presence, from that challenge the working group decided to approach the City of Prince Rupert and Ms. Thorpe's Recreation and Community resources department to take the lead on the program development.

You can learn more about what is planned for the Directory by contacting Ms. Thorpe at the Recreation Centre at 250-624-6707 extension 217.

A sample of how the final Director interface might look can be found below, once the project is closer to the finish line the launch date will be announced, giving Prince Rupert residents an opportunity to start to explore the many resources available in the community.

The second project that Redesign Rupert and the Working group are engaged with is a plan to expand a popular After School Programming in the community.

The Children, Youth and Families Action Group compiled some of the findings and commentary from the community sessions from October and from that meeting they have put together a plan to add to the current Youth Night program which is currently in place once a month.

The program attracts about 30 youth between the ages of 13 to 18 who take part in a range of activities in the gym at the Civic Centre. The prospect of adding more evenings to the Youth Night calendar could take place if the organizers can line up more volunteers to participate in the project.

The new strategy to expand the program will see the Action Group approach local business and organizations in the city to sign up to sponsor a night. In order to put on a successful Youth Night program requires at least 6 volunteers and it's hoped that the community will respond to the opportunity to provide for more activities for the youth of the city.

The Youth Night project is being led by Shantelle Berry, the city of Prince Rupert's Recreation Coordinator and volunteer worker Carrie Thorpe.

If you are a local business interested in stepping up to help out, or to learn more about how you can become involved in the program contact Ms. Berry at the Recreation complex at 250-624-6707 extension 242.

Updates on the progress for both projects is to be provided in the weeks to come.

You can learn more about the latest work from redesign Rupert from their website and Facebook page.

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