Tuesday, April 4, 2017

First to the Printers, First to the Primo Spots ... for the Pond campaign

Election time beckons with the first of the outdoor campaign signs
spotted around Prince Rupert today

The first signs of the upcoming election period were literally in sight today, as the volunteers for Liberal candidate Herb Pond took to their tasks quickly this morning, putting up a collection of "Elect Herb Pond" signs at various high visibility corners around the city.

Above, the Pond campaign stakes out some prime real estate in the downtown core, setting up at what will be a very congested front lawn of the Prince Rupert courthouse by the time the campaign comes to an end.

Still to come are contributions from incumbent NDP MLA Jennifer Rice and whatever eco-friendly initiative that the Green Party will offer up to highlight the candidacy of Hondo Arendt.

The official start for the 2017 Provincial election is not until April 11th, Election Day arrives on Tuesday, May 9th.

To track developments with the North Coast campaign, see our North Coast Votes Archive.

For a look at the larger provincial campaign we invite you to review our political portal D'Arcy McGee.

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