Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Community Resource Directory goes live, offering archive of contacts for range of local programs and services

Earlier this month we outlined a new project launched through the Community Development Institutes Redesign Rupert office that would see the creation of a Community Services Directory for Prince Rupert, providing key information on services and organizations in the region.

That project has now been launched, with the City website the host location for those looking to learn more about some of the opportunities available in Prince Rupert.

Included in the easy to navigate web page is a range of information related to each organization that has participated, offering key details and contact names and numbers to learn more about whatever may capture your interest.

Put together through the work of Willa Thorpe and her team at the City's Recreation Department, the new Community Resource Directory showcases the diverse list of options available in the city.

The Directory provides a useful tool for residents and newcomers to the community to see just what is available in the community and how to contact or participate in events, as well as offers up a chance to see where you may wish to volunteer your services.

Should you belong to a local organization that wishes to be included in the directory you can contact the Directory through email at resource@princerupert.ca

You can begin to explore all that Prince Rupert has to offer with one click here.

For more items related Community events in the region see our archive page here.

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