Thursday, April 20, 2017

City seeks requests for proposals on Moresby Park removal and improvement project

A request for proposals for the Moresby Improvement Project is now open
as the City looks to move forward with their plans to removal storage tanks
and piping systems in the Moresby park area.

A project first mentioned in October of 2015 is looking to see some momentum this summer as the City of Prince Rupert puts out to tender a request for proposals for removal of Bunker Oil tanks, pipelines and a Boiler room structure in the Moresby Park area.

The first indication of the city's interest in addressing the issue of the old oil storage tanks came with this press release from October 9, 2015, which provided a short overview of the situation and how the city planned to address what at the time was an environmental incident in the Moresby Park area

City Council received an overview of what would be required at the March 21, 2016 Council session as the City's Operations Manager Richard Pucci and Robert Grodecki of the Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society provided the thumbnail sketch of what the remediation project might look like and what avenues the City might approach towards moving forward with it.

That March review would make for the only mention of the project in a public session for 2016.

While the Bid process is now underway, Council has not to this point discussed the project in public session this year, nor have they issued any statements or updates as to how the project will progress and what kind of funding will be required to see the job done to completion.

As for the current bid process, it features three separate documents for consideration.

The Demolition of 3 Bunker C Storage Tanks

The condition of one of the storage bunkers designated for demolition
as part of the Moresby improvement project

The demolition of three, 5.5 million litre Bunker C tanks, removal of associated piping connections to the main distribution network, removal of any related infrastructure contained within an approximately 10 m radius of the outside wall of the tanks, removal of three concrete firewalls/blast walls (one per tank), and the treatment and disposal of all residual Bunker C and water contained in the tanks.

The Removal of Bunker C Tank piping

Some of the underground piping in place as part of the Moresby Park
Oil Tank system, it has been designated for removal as part of an
improvement project planned for the park

The removal of approximately 667 m of 300 mm diameter Fuel Oil Line and 970 m of 200 mm diameter Circulating Oil Line located between the firewalls/blast walls at each tank and the box culvert at the Boiler House. Further, it is anticipated that approximately 58,400 litres of Bunker C impacted water has accumulated in the distribution piping that will need to be treated and discharged prior to the removal of the piping. A third 200 mm diameter used for fire protection will be removed where it is located within the project limits. Any water contained in the fire protection water line is not considered to be impacted.

The Abatement and Removal Activities related to the Boiler House

The Old Boiler House in Moresby Park, as part of a plan to address
the issues of the storage tanks and pipelines, the Boiler House will see items
removed and the structure sealed to block access

Phase III of the Moresby Improvement Project (MIP) includes the abatement of hazardous materials in the Boiler House, removal of existing equipment, removal of piping, and the treatment and disposal of all residual Bunker C and water contained in the equipment and piping for the Boiler House. Following the completion of abatement and removal activities, the Boiler House is to be re-secured to prevent any un-authorized access.

As part of the request for proposals, the City will be hosting a mandatory site visit by interested parties on Monday April 24th.

The deadline for those interested in submitting a bid for the required work is May 16th at 2 PM.

The Schedule for the work ahead would see the contract awarded by May 29th, with the On site Demolition to be achieved by November 10th of this year.

You can review the full documentation for each of the projects from the BC bid website here.

All of the photos above, as well as a range of other documentation can be examined as part of the Bid packages attached to each job above.

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