Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More media migration on the North Coast, as TV7's Cierra Wilson leaves Bell media

It's apparently moving season for the North Coast media reporting class, with TV7 now joining the Northern View in a quest for reporting talent, that as Cierra Wilson departs from the Prince Rupert outpost for CFTK TV, with our media sources advising that her destination is a return to her Ontario home and an opportunity to continue her education.

The Terrace based station didn't waste any time in updating their TV7 Team bio page yesterday, with the biography for the former video journalist now removed from the information page.

That leaves TV7 with but one field reporter for the moment, something that will clearly result in less coverage of Prince Rupert stories in the short term and comes as the North Coast heads into what should be an exciting and pivotal contest for a seat in the Provincial Legislature.

Ms. Wilson's last report for TV7 appears to be this March 30th item that chronicled the visit to Prince Rupert by Education Minister Mike Bernier and the back and forth accusations he and North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice tossed at each other that day.

The new TV7 video/journalist opportunity was posted to the Bell Media website on Tuesday, you can review the qualifications required for the post here

Earlier this week our Media archive page took note of two recently placed advertisements for staff members for the weekly paper, with a shift in positions and possible additions to that staff in the works.

You can review all items related to media industry on the North Coast here.

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