Monday, April 10, 2017

Three North Coast realtors gain recognition for work in 2016

The North Coast realty picture is starting to heat up once again as we move into the Spring season with the listings finding new properties arriving each week and a market that once again is trending upwards with multiple listings now finding Prince Rupert homes breaking over the 700,000 and 800,000 mark.

After a somewhat quiet winter season, the last two weeks have delivered a number of new properties for review, as those looking to sell their homes, look to capture the wave of interest and some speculation that has made for the push upwards on pricing.

The last year was a particularly strong year for three local Realtors, with the BC Northern Real Estate Board recently recognizing their success at the March celebration, awarded with MLS Awards for 2016.

The trio from Prince Rupert included:

Jeff Clarke  -- Remax
Mike Morse -- Remax
Thai Pham -- Realty Executives

You can find a glimpse of what the current market looks like from our weekly updates on the ten highest priced listings each week.

The Real Estate Tracker page, is part of our archive page that offers up a range of real estate features, provides a sample of which listings are propelling the local market to pricing that edges closer to that seen in larger markets.

A theme that makes for a fair bit of conversation over coffee at local shops,. as each week brings yet one more property that looks to challenge the top ranking.

We also offer up a look at housing issues and notes on proposed developments in the region, you can find those items here.

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