Friday, October 12, 2018

Ridley burn plans herald progress for Port of Prince Rupert's connector road to Fairview Terminal

The burning of debris this month on the South side of Kaien Island
is another step forward towards the development of the
Fairview Connector Road between Ridley Island and Fairview Terminal
(from Port of Prince Rupert)

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has issued an advisory for the public this week, noting that as we reach the midway point of October, the burning of debris collected as part of the pre-planning for the new container truck connector road from Ridley Island to Fairview Terminal will take place.

The burn off of the assembled material is something that is expected to take close to three weeks to complete, dependant of weather conditions.

The material to be burned was gathered during the summer months as part of the clearing and grubbing of the site at the south end of Kaien Island and originally was scheduled to be burned off in July, however fire bans across the province for much of the summer meant that only some of the organic material that was removed was incinerated at that time.

As part of their notice, the Port makes note of their commitment towards a minimal impact for their tenants on Ridley Island as well as for the residents of nearby Port Edward.

Those in the area that may have concerns or questions related to the planned burn can contact the Port at their community comment line at 250-627-5621 or by email at

The Connector road is one of the most anticipated infrastructure programs from the port in recent years and one that will have a significant impact for residents in Prince Rupert.

With the completion of the road, the vast majority of the container truck traffic that currently travels through the city's downtown core, will be redirected to the southern side of Kaien Island and the new restricted roadway to be built to the Fairview Terminal.

The connector road project was one of the key elements of the Port Authority's Annual Public Meeting of June, with new Port President and CEO Shaun Stevenson highlighting the scope of the project at that time.

The key aspects of the road development included:

105 Million dollar construction contract to local First Nations

Improvement of rain and truck access to Fairview Terminal

A Shorter and faster truck route from logistics to terminal

The Elimination of container truck traffic through downtown Prince Rupert

Reduction of Carbon and Air emission from trucks

An opportunity to unlock future investment in Fairview Expansion

Construction of the road is expected to get underway in the early part of 2019

As the Port CEO and President  noted at the June APM, the development of the connector road between Ridley Island and the Fairview Terminal will also help to pave the way for the measures required in building capacity on Ridley Island  for the next wave of expansion for the Port.

The Port of Prince Rupert has an ambitious blue print for development
of Export and Import Logistic terminals on  Ridley Island
(from Port of Prince Rupert)

Among the many plans for the future, the Port of Prince Rupert has plans for a number of Logistics Park which is part of the Port's Gateway 2020 planning and will see both Import and Export Logistics parks developed on the south corridor of the Ridley Island Access road as well as on the south end of Ridley Island itself.

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