Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Wolverine Exercise brings Marine Fuel Terminal closer to operational status

A look in at some of the activity on the waterfront from Monday
as the PRPA and partners conducted a marine exercise
at the site of the Wolverine Fuelling Terminal

(Photo from PRPA)

The newest terminal location on the Prince Rupert Waterfront was the scene of an emergency training exercise on Monday, with the Prince Rupert Port Authority and Wolverine Terminals hosting a pair of marine partners as part of the environmental response program.

Taking part in the morning session was West Coast Marine Response Corporation and Wainwright Marine Services who operated just offshore of the new Marine Fuelling Terminal located between the BC Ferries Dock and the Pinnacle Terminal.

The practice session a key part of the Port's Marine Operations Safety planning and comes as the fuelling terminal nears it's commissioning stage.

You can find more photos from the Monday training session from the PRPA Social Media stream

First announced in 2017, the terminal was noted as an asset for the Port that would support capacity for growth and provide the Port with another element towards attracting shipping companies to the Prince Rupert Gateway.

The fuelling station will receive supply by rail and then transit to the vessels in the harbour by a barge system.

As to the status for the new terminal and its debut on the waterfront,  Katherine Voigt, Manager of Communications for the Prince Rupert Port Authority advises that Wolverine’s marine fuelling facility is on target for barge delivery and commissioning in Q3 of this year. 

That would mean operations underway sometime over the summer heading towards September.

Those with an interest in the progress for the Terminal should keep an eye on the website for Wolverine, while the information flow has not been updated in a fair bit of time, plans are in the works to provide for a refresh for the information portal as the terminal itself prepares to open for business.

A look at some of the past notes related to the Terminal can be reviewed here.

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