Thursday, June 4, 2015

BC Hockey to address parental behaviour through partnership with Vancouver Canucks

The quest for more civil behaviour at the hockey rinks of the province will get an assist from a major hockey force, with BC Hockey the body that oversees amateur hockey in the province joining forces with the Vancouver Canucks, with the goal of encouraging positive behaviour by hockey parents at the rink.

“Hockey should be fun for kids and the atmosphere our parents create in the rink has a huge impact on everyone’s experience and happiness ...  the Vancouver Canucks are a huge supporter of grassroots hockey development and very proud to support the Sportsmanship Starts in the Stands program.” -- Trevor Linden, Vancouver Canucks President of Hockey Operations on a new program to address parental behaviour in minor hockey.

The program called Sportsmanship in the Stands has been developed to address the behaviours and attitudes that at times have provided for a negative influence and experience for those that play the game at the minor hockey level.

The project, the first of its kind among Hockey Canada branches will feature  video and other materials to be provided to Minor Hockey Associations across the province, who will then be able to use it at parent meetings and other sessions during the start up of the hockey season this fall.

Included in the program is to be a Code of Conduct contract which can be completed by parents in person, on tablet or smart phone and sent directly the Minor Hockey Association.

BC Hockey's Executive Committee outlined a recently delivered policy that will require that all Minor Hockey Associations host a Parent meeting prior to October 15th each year.

At that meeting the following topics will be reviewed for parents of children who are enrolled in the Minor Hockey program in their community.

Review of key MHA Policies and Procedures (Locker Room Policy, Team Selection, Ice Times, etc.) 

Review of MHA Complaint/Process Policy

 Code of Conduct expectations

The full program will be outlined to Minor Hockey officials at BC Hockey's Annual General Meeting later this month.

For more background on the changes to come see this item from the BC Hockey website.

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