Friday, June 5, 2015

CEAA requires more information from Pacific NorthWest LNG on Lelu Island proposal

It makes for a short statement on the CEAA website, but a one sentence advisory that the CEAA is seeking more information from Pacific NorthWest LNG related to their Lelu Island project indicates that we're still a fair bit away from any form of final report from the environmental agency.

And depending on the length of time to respond to the request, timelines once again could be delayed when it comes to the development for one of the most anticipated of LNG developments for the North Coast.

On June 2nd, the CEAA posted their advisory to the Pacific NorthWest LNG file, a move which in effect stops the clock on the review once again, the information request tied to the previous request of February of this year.

June 2, 2015 – The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency indicated to the proponent on June 2, 2015 that information is still required in order to respond to the Agency’s information request of February 23, 2015.

Before any further progress can be made on the Environmental Assessment process for the project, Pacific NorthWest LNG energy will be required to provide the requested information to the satisfaction of CEAA officials.

It's not the first time that the Environmental Agency has put a pause on their review to seek out further background on some of the research and planning that has been put towards the Lelu Island project.

As noted in the CEAA advisory the most recent pause in the review came earlier this year in February, with clock only recently starting to move forward. With issues related to the Flora Banks continuing to make for discussion points when it comes to the proposed development.

The full documentation on the Pacific NorthWest LNG file can be reviewed from the CEAA site here.

Two weeks ago, Petronas officials in Malaysia were indicating that a conditional Final Investment Decision could be but weeks away, an announcement that the Province has been waiting for as indication that Liberal Government's LNG strategy is moving forward.

How, if at all, the June 2nd request for more information from the CEAA and the stop of the review will impact on that investment decision will be key to the LNG ambitions.

For a full overview of the Pacific NorthWest LNG file see our archive page here.

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