Monday, June 1, 2015

Go Plan Survey information campaign launched

The City of Prince Rupert has officially launched the information campaign related to their upcoming Go Plan Housing study, with a notice regarding the much discussed survey project posted to the City's website appearing late on Friday afternoon.

The Friday advisory may have slipped by more than a few people owing to the busy weekend just past, which included a pair of Grad celebrations, the Relay for Life, First Cruise ship of the year and a number of other events taking place over the last 72 hours.

For those that may not have had the chance to review the city's information review from Friday, here's a short thumbnail sketch of what's to come.

The Go Plan Survey will take place from June 8 to 18, with residents of the city able to take the survey online, or by way of canvassers who will going door to door in the community.  Those that arrive at your door over the ten day period will be asking a number of questions related to the project, with all responses as part of the Go Plan Survey to remain confidential.

The City will be making use of the data that they receive from the survey to better understand and manage impacts related to major projects that may at some point arrive in the community.

As well, the City plans to make use of the information to preserve affordable housing options and to prioritize development efforts for housing and infrastructure.

As we outlined last Wednesday, Mayor Lee Brain reviewed some of the items on the Go Plan Survey by way of a short information session at last Monday's City Council session.

Included in his talking points was some background on how those that wish to become compensated enumerators for the project can get involved with the survey process and a quick overview as to what the City hopes to achieve from the collection of the data.

You can learn more about the Go Plan Survey from this advisory from the City, those that wish to take the survey online can access that link here.

As for the actual LNG Go Plan, a document that Mayor Brain has discussed a fair amount in recent months through the media, no official release of background information related to the project has been provided to the public as of yet.

The closest thing that we have had to an overview on the LNG GO Plan, has been through an interview with CBC Radio Vancouver's Rick Cluff in April, you can review that conversation here.

More items related to the LNG Go Plan, as well as other notes from City Council can be found on our archive page here.

Update: The Mayor expanded on some of the plans in place to pay those that offer their time to the City to conduct the enumeration.

The City is looking for enumerators who want to help collect critical information on housing and other related items, offering pay of $2 per household, plus $2 per person in the household.

As well, there will be a $500 bonus to the person who collects the most survey information.

The City will be hosting a  training session this Sunday June 7th from 4-8pm at the Ocean Center Mall (next to the Bank of Montreal - 290-309 2nd Ave West). Food will be provided as part of the training session.

More background on the training program and the survey can be found on the Mayor's Facebook page.

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