Monday, June 1, 2015

Westview Pellet Terminal offers up some notes for the neighbours

The ocean vessel Popi S
was berthed at Westview Terminal on
Sunday taking on a load of wood pellets

With May delivering but 3 mm of rain for the full thirty one days, things are getting a little dry and dusty on the waterfront.

And while most on the North Coast welcome the sun and warmer temperatures that summer brings, the reduced precipitation from the last month might be setting the stage for a few challenges for those living on the west side of the city.

That is an area of town where some may soon once again be casting an eye towards the Pinnacle Pellet terminal at Westview for some of their summer outdoor issues.

In recent years, issues related to terminal operations have become a consistent theme for Prince Rupert Council, with residents of the west side expressing their concerns related to the terminal operations as Spring moves into the summer season.

To engage in and perhaps head off some of the concerns related to that conversation, the Westview Pellet Terminal Team outlined a few notes on how the terminal operates and what the neighbours around them may find of interest when it comes to the quality of their outdoor experiences in the weeks to come.

Using a letter to the editor approach in the weekly paper from last Wednesday, the Westview Team highlighted a few of the measures that they are putting in place to try and minimize any impact on those living in the immediate area.

Among some of those steps:

Measures to try and reduce the road dust from the Terminal area, first by asking those visiting the terminal to observe the 20 km/h limit, as well, the Terminal will be using local services to water the road from time to time, in order to keep the road dust down.

Warmer conditions will also require the need to aerate the silos on the waterfront, while safety is the first concern when it comes to those silos, the Westview operation will minimize the aeration frequency and seek to time those aeration's with winds that are blowing out into the harbour.

They also note for the public that it is now pollen season on the North Coast, offering up their experience of the past that pollen releases in the past have often provided a false perception that terminal operations have suddenly become dusty.

They also note that they continue to operate to a strict cleanliness policy and remain ever vigilant for potential health concerns in the areas surrounding the terminal.

They finish up their note to the neighbourhood by outlining how they are continuing to work with the Prince Rupert Port Authority to monitor sound, air quality and dust issues, and are encouraged by the progress made in those areas.

You can review more about the Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group from their website here, information that outlined the nature of the Terminal redevelopment can be examined here.

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