Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pilings in place, but not much in the way of construction for Atlin Marina project

The pilings are in place for
the Cow Bay Marina project
off the dock at the Atlin Terminal
From the outline of the pilings in the water off of the Atlin Terminal, you can get a sense of what the Cow Bay Marina Project just might look like one day.

The much anticipated construction project for the Prince Rupert Waterfront, saw a spurt of activity in April, providing for a good start towards the construction deadline of the end of July.

However, with June now underway, those looking for a bit of progress on the project might be getting a little anxious to hear the sound of drills, hammers and other construction tools at work.

The project was launched with a fair amount of excitement by Mayor Lee Brain back in March, with the promise of plans for the long delayed marina finally set to be put in motion.

Though on a casual walk by on a Cruise ship Sunday afternoon, beyond the pilings being in place just off the Atlin dock, there doesn't appear to be much more happening at the moment.

No noticeable staging area in sight, hosting the remainder of the materials for the project, nor is there an information sign to be found, something that might highlight the progress or provide for some benchmarks to watch for when it comes to Prince Rupert's soon to be new waterfront attraction.

When completed the development will provide space for up to 51 visiting pleasure craft to the community, as well as a 600 foot public wharf that will take local residents out into harbour area, providing for what should be a fascinating view of waterfront life.

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The Cow Bay Marina project is designed to attract travelling yachts and boaters into the community adding more visitors for the city's tourism initiatives and creating economic activity for the areas service sector.

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