Friday, June 5, 2015

You may hear and feel the new Fire Truck, before you see it!

As we outlined in May, the Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department recently took possession of their much anticipated new Fire apparatus vehicle, the addition to the fleet coming at a cost of just a bit over 300 thousand dollars.

Since it's arrival last month, the PRFD  has been putting their new Fire Apparatus vehicle through its paces in recent weeks, outlining the work up process through their Facebook page.

One feature of the new vehicle that Rupertites might soon become aware of is the Rumbler Siren, which clearly lets you know that the Fire Department would like to get through some traffic.

The siren which features an intersection traffic clearing system that provides secondary low frequency tones, which in effect make you feel the sound waves.  When it is to be applied by Fire Department drivers, it will be in ten second bursts.

An example of what the new Fire Truck is going to sound like should you be in the way can be found below.

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