Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Get Out the Vote primer from Councillor Thorkelson

For a few moments during Monday's City Council session, the focus turned towards the upcoming Federal election, with Councillor Joy Thorkelson offering up some background on the need to get voters registered and to make sure that they have access to required information.

Highlighting for Council some of the conditions that could result in voters not being properly registered she then observed that the process can easily be taken care of online, or if residents wish, they can now attend to the local Elections Canada office located across from Hecate Strait on First Avenue East.

She also noted that the Unemployed Action Centre at Fishermen's Hall can assist in preparing the documentation requirements to register at the Election Canada offices. Providing a lengthy list of acceptable documents that can be used to ensure that residents are registered to vote.

As the final days leading up to the October 19th election date get closer, the Councillor suggested that the City post the details on how to register and other voting information on the city's website, with Mayor Brain noting that he would also provide some information through his social media portal.

Further background on the councillor's election primer can be found from our Council Timeline.

The majority of Ms. Thorkelson's comments can be found from the City's Video Archive starting at the thirty eight minute mark. She follows those comments up five minutes later with some additional thoughts and an update on advance polling information.

You can find out more about how to register to vote and what services are available in Prince Rupert from our blog item of yesterday.

For more background on the 2015 Federal election campaign see our Election archive page here.

For more items related to Monday's City Council session see our archive page here.

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