Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending October 4, 2015

A pair of pipeline projects captured the attention of our readers this week, first through the developments related to a proposal from Eagle Spirit Energy to build a pipeline to Grassy Point for the shipment of oil.

The second pipeline note of the week that found a large audience was an announcement from the Metlakatla First Nation and Prince Rupert Gas Transmission that they had reached an agreement related to a proposed LNG pipeline to Lelu island

The tragic case of Angie and Robert Robinson received a full review this week with a Coroner's Inquest taking place at the Prince Rupert Courthouse, our archive of the daily notes from that review found a wide audience through the week.

Civic Politics also grabbed some of the attention on the week, with Mayor Lee Brain taking to his Facebook page to offer up an overview of his duties as Mayor, in what appeared to be a partial response to some comments made to an item from last week on his social media portal.

And a look at the celebrations planned for Lax Kw'alaams on Friday also found a large audience, with the First Nation community showing excitement over the opening of the new building for the Coast Tsimshian Academy.

First Nations leaders sign letter calling for Eagle Spirit Energy corridor across their territories -- A range of hereditary and elected chiefs produce a letter to the Prime Minister and Premiers outlining their support for a proposed oil pipeline and North Coast Terminal  (posted September 30, 2015)

That article was followed by:

Metlakatla and Prince Rupert Gas Transmission sign LNG pipeline project agreement   --  A North Coast First nation and the proponent of a natural gas pipeline to Lelu Island reach an agreement related to the development. (posted September 29, 2015)

Robinson inquest begins in Prince Rupert  -- A five day coroner's inquest into the tragic deaths of Angie and Robert Robinson took place in Prince Rupert this week (posted  September 29, 2015)

Mayor Brain's Manifesto  -- In what appears to be a response to comments posted to a previous posting on the Mayor's Facebook page, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain provides an overview of how he is approaching his duties (posted September 30, 2015)

New Lax Kw'alaams Academy to open today -- A long anticipated event brought the week to a close, as residents of Lax Kw'alaams prepared to celebrate the opening of the new school building for the Coast Tsimshian Academy (posted October 2, 2015 )

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