Friday, October 9, 2015

Comments from Terrace debate have Cullen, Nesbitt hearing different intent

The Five candidates for Skeena-Bulkley
Valley were in Prince Rupert on Wednesday
evening for an election forum

(photo from CityWest debate broadcast)
Those that took in the final minutes of Wednesday's Prince Rupert Election Forum no doubt took notice of some tense commentary directed at MP Nathan Cullen by Conservative candidate Tyler Nesbitt.

An exchange that indicated that the Conservative candidate is still apparently angry over the tone of some commentary at the debate in Terrace the evening before.

Mr. Nesbitt's commentary recounted an incident where one of the members of the audience in Terrace had at one point called Mr. Nesbitt a racist. With what appears to have been a comment later on by Mr. Cullen, interpreted by the Conservative candidate as offering a sense of support towards the person who had made that observation.

The back and forth between the two candidates at the end of the Prince Rupert session, caught the attention of CFTK TV's Christa Dao, who did some quick work after the debate to get to the theme of that story. Seeking to find out more about the Terrace incident and how it has coloured the last few days of the Northwest debates tour.

Her report can be viewed here.

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