Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Confusion over Parking lots sends Permissive Tax Bylaw back for further study

Prince Rupert City Council will put the proposed Property Tax Bylaw into a holding pattern until they can gain further clarification on the issue of parking lots for such organizations as the city's places of worship. The process to move that bylaw forward began at the start of September, following a review from the City's Financial Officer Corinne Bomben.

The decision to delay final adoption of the Bylaw that would be in place for the next four years came during Monday's Council session, when Councillor Joy Thorkelson expressed some concerns about what should be covered by the Bylaw, noting that the parking areas if included in the exemption provided a larger benefit than originally intended to such groups as the city's church properties.

"I do believe we are going to now be exempting more property than previous council's had done, I don't think that if we're going to give a 100 per cent exemption, that we should be exempting parking lots"  -- Councillor Thorkelson on parking and tax exemptions on Monday night

With the City's Financial Office not in attendance for Monday's Council session, it fell to City Manager Robert Long to try and divine the status of the parking lots and the impact on the city's desire to provide the Permissive Tax exemptions, a process that he admitted he was coming up a little bit short on.

Mr. Long noted that normally he leaves the details on such things as bylaw exemptions to the CFO.

Without a final answer to be made available on Monday, Council moved to accept the recommendation from the City Manager to table the motion and to seek out further clarification on the issue before bringing it back to move through the process.

Background on the bylaw can be found from the Council agenda on page 34

More on the discussion from Monday evening can be found on our Council timeline.

You can review the discussion from Monday night starting at the 19 minute mark of the City's Video Archive.

For more information related to the Monday's council session see our archive page here.

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