Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Archive of items related to Budget Planning for the City of Prince Rupert

Our Quick reference and archive listings for items related to the Annual Budget Planning process at the City of Prince Rupert.

The Archive of City Council Meetings, Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2016


October 27 -- Councillor Cunningham raises questions on City's Community Enhancement Grant issues  NCR


September 8 -- Prince Rupert/Port Edward Tax Sharing Agreement (video)
September 8 -- Prince Rupert and Port Edward reach acommodation on Service Announcement  NCR
September 8 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward reach two-year tax agreement on Ridley Island


June 30 -- Suppliers reap $28 million as City increases spending in 2015  NCR
June 30 -- Final numbers for 2015 show $1.3 million in Community Grants distributed by the City  NCR
June 29 -- City puts wrap on Financial Info process with Special Council Session today  NCR
June 29 -- Salary and Expenses on the rise from Prince Rupert's 2015 SOFI review  NCR


May 25 -- The Taxman cometh! City Property Tax notices arriving in this week's mail delivery NCR


April 13 -- City charts financial course for 2016 adopting Financial Plan and Property Tax Bylaws NCR
April 7 -- Prince Rupert Council starts process of Two Percent Tax Increase for 2016 with Special Council Session today  NCR


March 16 -- Full Library funding restored for year ahead  NCR
March 15 -- Few questions from the public for Council at Budget Consultation Forum NCR
March 14 -- City of Prince Rupert hosts Public Budget Forum tonight  NCR
March 9 -- Prince Rupert Council to seek re-opening of Ridley Island Tax Agreement and share of potential Pacific NorthWest LNG revenue  NCR


February 25 -- Councillor Mirau seeks more background on Ridley Island Tax Arrangement with Port Edward  NCR
February 25 -- City's Finance Department offers up taxation tutorial for residents on mill rates  NCR
February 24 -- City's CFO charts the Budget process ahead for City council  NCR
February 23 -- Prince Rupert Budget presentation (video)
February 22 -- Prince Rupert teachers outline their concerns on topic of Library cuts  NCR
February 22 -- City Council to take Budget Consultation to the public in March  NCR
February 22 -- Council to receive Budget Presentation from Finance tonight  NCR
February 17 -- City's first wave of taxation collection now underway  NCR
February 11 -- Recreation Fees discussion provides for heated exchange in council chamber  NCR


January 28 -- Library Cuts the main focus for public comment portion of Monday's Council Session  NCR
January 13 -- Council to reduce funding for Library and redistribute some of the funds to the Museum and the Lester Centre NCR

Archive of items for 2015 can be found here.

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