Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Archive of items related to Major Projects and Infrastructure concerns for the City of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to Major Projects and Infrastructure concerns reviewed by City Council for the 2016 Council Year. Items from around the region will also be archived here.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items for 2016


November 2 -- Federal infrastructure funding proves elusive for Prince Rupert  NCR


October 27 -- City's Water Grant proposal applications are in the pipeline NCR
October 25 -- Alfred Street Residents issued Boil Water Advisory as repairs to waterline completed  NCR
October 25 -- Prince Rupert in the Province's paving plans for 2017 NCR
October 24 -- Rupert council to approve water fund application
October 21 -- Alfred Street residents to face water disruption starting Monday  NCR
October 19 -- Mayor Brain takes issue with Northern View item on infrastructure funding  NCR
October 12 -- City outlines latest consultation plans for a range of planning initiatives  NCR
October 12 -- Road Closure application suggests decision on New Prince Rupert RCMP detachment may be near  NCR
October 6 -- Delays ahead for completion of Frederick Street water lines  NCR


September 22 -- City to launch remediation project for retaining wall at 6th and Ambrose  NCR
September 21 -- With infrastructure plans percolating, City of Prince Rupert seeks engineering technologist  NCR
September 20 -- Frederick Street infrastructure work in Prince Rupert (video)
September 8 -- City of Prince Rupert puts Airport Ferry Pontoon Replacement project out for bid  NCR
September 6 -- With One job complete, it's on to the next for city's infrastructure issues  NCR


August 4 -- Watermain woes to impact downtown traffic  NCR


July 22 -- City seeks proposals for study on replacement of Woodworth Dam NCR
July 21 -- BC Government puts 300,000 dollars towards Airport improvements at Digby Island  NCR
July 12 -- Prince Rupert  Bridge repair (video)
July 8 -- Second Avenue Bridge project to start Monday  NCR
July 1 -- City of Prince Rupert to pursue two grant opportunities for transportation and Tsunami risk assessment  NCR


June 27 -- Prince Rupert aims to tackle struggling infrastructure
June 17 -- City puts Second Avenue Bridge rehabilitation work out for tender  NCR
June 6 -- Lights, Camera, Shawatlans ... City provides video tutorial on water supply rebuild  NCR


May 13 -- ReDesign Rupert Sessions take place in the city (video)
May 13 -- McKay Street Park initiative submitted to BCAA's Play at Home competition  NCR
May 12 -- ReDesign Rupert to host community mapping session Friday NCR
May 6 -- Rupert's Road Repair season underway  NCR
May 2 -- City moves forward with Land Use Policy Frameworks  NCR


April 7 -- City updates Major Project Notes through full page ad in local paper  NCR


March 24 -- Prince Rupert traffic issues and container truck bypass options discussed during Monday's Council session  NCR


February 25 -- City Council endorses Port Coquitlam plan on funding formula for Build Canada Grant program NCR
February 24 -- Ministry of Transportation to host Open House on Tuck Road project in Lax Kw'alaams NCR
February 17 -- City water facility in dire straits
February 15 -- Northwest Communities receive Federal Gas Tax Funding for infrastructure projects  NCR
February 4 -- Mayor Brain in Ottawa for meetings with Federal officials  NCR


January 29 -- Provincial population estimates for Prince Rupert at odd with those of the City  NCR
January 28 -- Questions on funding issues point to need for easier access to Civic information  NCR
January 28 -- Mayor Brain's 2030 Sustainable City Select Committee gets approval, but not without spirited discussion on its purpose  NCR
January 28 -- Council looks to bring many aspects of Major Projects and other planning together with new Committee NCR
January 20 -- MP Nathan Cullen sets February 9th for Town hall on Infrastructure in Prince Rupert NCR
January 14 -- Legacy Corporation funding making for some fractures at City Council  NCR
January 13 -- Mayor hails success of Placemaking conference and points to a new 2030 Sustainable City vision   NCR
January 12 -- Nathan Cullen looks to partner with City of Prince Rupert for infrastructure forum  NCR

Archive of items for 2015 can be found here

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