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Education 2016 -- Northwest Community College / College of New Caledonia

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Education at the college level on the North Coast. With a focus on NWCC, CNC and other providers of post secondary education in the region.

2016 NWCC Notes


December 29 -- NWCC to offer Marine Programs at Prince Rupert campus in 2017  NCR
December 2 -- Hopeful CSI's of the Northwest to benefit from new NWCC agreement  NCR
December 2 -- Northwestern B.C. college broadens student study options


November 26 -- College longhouse remains as is
November 25 -- NWCC longhouse controversy  (video)
November 25 -- NWCC to offer Cook's Helper course at Prince Rupert Campus starting in December  NCR
November 24 -- Monash University agreement for NWCC (video)
November 8 -- Monash University signs transfer agreement in a North American first (NWCC info release)


October 31 -- NWCC offering Scholarships for Chinese students
October 25 -- New scholarships to assist students from Qinhuangdao, China (NWCC info release)
October 4 -- Northwest Community College enrolment increases


September 27 -- BC Government invests 1.6 million dollars in Trades Funding at NWCC NCR
September 26 -- Northwest Community College wants more international students
September 23 -- NWCC receives $18.4 million for upgrades to trades buildings
September 23 -- NWCC getting an $18.4 million upgrade on their trades facility
September 23 -- $18.4 million investment will create jobs, expand research and foster innovation (NWCC info release)
September 23 -- Terrace college building to be extensively renovated
September 21 -- Nomination period for two NWCC Council opportunities ends September 23  NCR
September 20 -- Renovations expected for Northwest community college
September 20 -- NWCC starts up a foundation to better fund projects
September 18 -- Northwest Community college establishes foundation
September 14 -- NWCC enrolment up across Northwest (video)
September 14 -- Student enrollment is up at NWCC
September 14 -- Student enrolment up at NWCC
September 8 -- NWCC seeing highest enrollment numbers since 2011 (audio)
September 7 -- NWCC marks rise in registration as 2016-17 college programs begin  NCR
September 7 -- NWCC to share in 2.3 million dollars for First Nations Education Plan NCR
September 6 -- Student numbers increase significantly (NWCC info release)


August 31 -- UNBC, NWCC and Terrace Council talk about better serving Region (audio)
August 18 -- NWCC gets 97% for students' satisfaction with their education (NWCC info release)
August 11 -- Where's the Bear?


July 26 -- NWCC Prince Rupert Students receive $5,000 Ike Barber Transfer Scholarships  (NWCC info release)


June 24 -- NWCC and University of Victoria sign agreement on Guaranteed Admissions  NCR
June 23 -- Terrace Council buoyant about Chinese development prospects
June 16 -- Golf Scramble builds community and supports students (NWCC info release)
June 2 -- Bike Share Program kicks off at NWCC (NWCC info release)
June 2 -- NWCC Summer Science Camp now accepting applications  NCR
June 2 -- NWCC to offer training to mature unemployed Cannery workers


May 27 -- Outdoor classroom inspires students (NWCC info release)
May 25 -- Canadian Fish workers to benefit from NWCC training money  NCR
May 24 -- NWCC Gets Retraining money
May 24 -- NWCC offers $10,000 through Five Scholarship Opportunities  NCR
May 24 -- Funding supports training for workers in the Northwest (NWCC info release)
May 19 -- Prince Rupert campus of NWCC hosting Plumbing Foundations for 2016-17  NCR
May 16 -- New traditions were started and wise words shared at NWCC convocation 2016  (NWCC info release)
May 11 -- Northwestern B.C. educators hope to attract Chinese students
May 9 -- Student from Yukon receives NWCC President's Award for Thunder Spirit  (NWCC info release)
May 9 -- College smooths things out at Terrace campus
May 4 -- City of Terrace backs community college renewal plan
May 3 -- NWCC Student to present at Conference (NWCC info release)


April 29 -- Cook program eligible for grants (NWCC info release)
April 25 -- Additional trades seats benefit students (NWCC info release)
April 25 -- Province funds additional trades seats at NWCC
April 25 -- Money for college trades in Terrace announced
April 19 -- Northern Collaborative Nursing program earns accreditation  (NWCC info release)
April 18 -- NWCC and SD52 partnership to offer more training opportunities  NCR
April 15 -- Northwest Community College and School District 52 partner to offer more flexible training opportunities (NWCC info release)
April 9 -- Students oppose moving college library at Terrace campus
April 6 -- Re Design Rupert hosting Live Stream of Prince George Speaker Series Thursday NCR
April 5 -- NWCC holds Student Consultation meeting (audio)


March 31 -- Renovated trades building sought by Northwest Community College
March 30 -- NWCC to receive funding for new training equipment  NCR
March 30 -- Northwest Community College received provincial cash
March 30 -- BV Electric gives to NWCC  (NWCC info release)
March 29 -- Provincial funding for trades at NWCC (video)
March 29 -- Students to benefit from new training equipment (NWCC info release)
March 23 -- NWCC receives funds to support child care and infant mental health (NWCC info release)
March 1 -- Board of Governors approve 2016/17 budget (NWCC info release)
March 1 -- NWCC to Shutter Kitimat Campus unless there are classes
March 1 -- Renewed use sought for northwestern B.C. college building


February 25 -- NWCC welding program moves to Terrace
February 23 -- Skills Canada BC regionals at NWCC (NWCC info release)
February 18 -- NWCC looking for options to increase longhouse usage  (audio)
February 18 -- NWCC discontinues Welding program in Prince Rupert this fall (audio)
February 18 -- NWCC undertaking consultation on the use of Waap Galts'ap (Community House) (NWCC info release)
February 12 -- Legendary Literacy Luncheon (NWCC info release)
February 11 -- Northwest Community College ponders new fees (audio)
February 7 -- Terrace Art Gallery shows work of students from Fred Diesing School (audio)
February 6 -- Mining programs offered in Northern Schools
February 5 -- Alaskan Glacial ClassroomNWCC info release)
February 3 -- Rupert resident enjoys work camp experience offered by NWCC program  NCR


January 18 -- Donors make a difference  NWCC info release)
January 22 -- From the workcamp to building homes in Prince RupertNWCC info release)
January 8 -- Placemaking Prince Rupert Talk and workshops ( NWCC info release)

2016 College of New Caledonia Notes


September 12 -- College of New Caledonia gets $1.2 million in funding


February 19 -- Ministry appoints two people to CNC board
February 19 -- College names new Board Members
February 17 -- Off the mark
February 4 -- CNC expands partnership with School District
February 3 -- Dual credit for high school students
February 2 -- Feds, province announce $1M trades training fund
February 2 -- CNC bridging gap between secondary and post-secondary education (CNC info release)


January 30 -- CNC Graduates Heavy Equipment Operators
January 29 -- Heavy Equipment Operator Training Complete
January 27 -- School Board approves Dual Credit Agreement with CNC
January 27 -- CNC expects surplus
January 27 -- Name games
January 26 -- CNC signs MOU for mineral exploration and mining tech program
January 20 -- CNC, UNBC Quesnel campus marking 10th anniversary
January 20 -- North Cariboo Community Campus to Celebrate 10 years
January 16 -- CNC Students' Union Attacks Tuition Increase
January 15 -- CNC predicting Budget Surplus
January 15 -- CNC Predicting Budget Surplus
January 15 -- CNC projects $1M budget surplus
January 15 -- CNC Tuition to rise
January 14 -- CNC embarks on Strategic Plan Consultations
January 14 -- CNC calls for feedback amid restructuring efforts
January 14 -- CNC asks for Input on 2020 Strategic Plan
January 13 -- CNC consults community on Strategic Plan (CNC info release)

Other Post Secondary trades training options

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