Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Education 2016 -- University of Northern British Columbia

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Education at the University level on the North Coast and Northern British Columbia.

Items for UNBC Sports teams can be found here.



September 16 -- UNBC President says engaging First Nations students a priority (audio)
September 15 -- UNBC President in Terrace


February 19 -- UNBC Grad Students Unite (video)
February 18 -- UNBC Professors Pen new Book (video)
February 17 -- Book looks at local impact of globalization
February 17 -- Researcher digging for common roots
February 16 -- UNBC Professors Pen New Book on Northern BC
February 16 -- UNBC hosts Fitness Marathon (video)
February 15 -- James Moore Pays Visit to UNBC
February 15 -- Moore met with UNBC students
February 15 -- Student groups meet with Moore
February 15 -- Passive house low-energy standard subject of talk at UNBC
February 12 -- Alcohol-impaired driving crimes spike immediately after drinking age reached (UNBC info release)
February 11 -- "We are moving forward with James Moore at the next chancellor of UNBC"  (audio)
February 11 -- UNBC Fuels Debate to Raise Legal Drinking Age in BC (video)
February 11 -- Drinking age linked to impaired driving incidents
February 11 -- No more Moore
February 10 -- UNBC Board of Governors split vote on James Moore becoming Chancellor
February 10 -- UNBC board divided on Moore, documents show
February 9 -- Let's hear some Moore of the that story
February 9 -- UNBC student aims to make Roll Up the Rim more environmentally friendly (audio)
February 9 -- Alcohol Related Crimes Spike Once Drinking Age Reached - Study
February 6 -- Board of Governors Chair Defends Moor appointment
February 5 -- UNBC student credits internship for landing his dream job
February 5 -- UNBC board chair defends Moore decision
February 4 -- UNBC study details impact of declining mountain snowpack on Fraser River Basin  (UNBC info release)
February 3 -- Pressure on Moore appointment Mounts
February 3 -- BC Professors Join Movement to Remove UNBC Chancellor (video)
February 2 -- UNBC Celebrates Green Day (video)


January 29 -- More on Moore
January 29 -- James Moore's UNBC appointment protested at board meeting (audio)
January 28 -- UNBC Researchers Find More Evidence of Climate Change (video)
January 27 -- Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health Certificate relaunched (UNBC info release)
January 27 -- Students Oppose UNBC's Chancellor Elect (video)
January 26 -- Documentary subject inspired by time at UNBC
January 26 -- Students Oppose Moore appointment
January 25 -- UNBC and CNC celebrate North Cariboo Community Campus's 10th birthday (UNBC info release)
January 25 -- JDC West team shines in Saskatoon  (UNBC info release)
January 25 -- Dr. Phil Burton named co-Editor of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research (UNBC info release)
January 23 -- UNBC Conducting Cross-Canada Alumni tour
January 22 -- UNBC Set to Relaunch Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health Certificate
January 21 -- UNBC team wins at JDC West
January 20 -- Moore Appointment Stands
January 20 -- New date for UNBC breakfast
January 20 -- North Cariboo Community Campus to Celebrate 10 Years
January 20 -- CNC, UNBC Quesnel campus marking 10th anniversary
January 20 -- UNBC President shares Experience with Chamber (video)
January 20 -- UNBC Board of Governors confirm Moore choice
January 19 -- UNBC Business Students Win Big (video)
January 19 -- Aggressive approach needed for climate change
January 18 -- UNBC's Jeux du Commerce West Team Brings Home Trophies
January 17 -- Zatorski opens aboriginal speakers series
January 16 -- UNGSS Still Waiting for Moore's response to invitation
January 15 -- Aboriginal Alumni to lead speaker series at UNBC (UNBC info release)
January 12 -- Climate change scientist speaking at University
January 8 -- Homecoming for a new doctor at cancer centre
January 8 -- UNBC Medical Program Grad returns as Specialist
January 8 -- Northern Medical Program Shows Success Again (video)
January 8 -- Oncology Specialist Returns to the North (UNBC info release)
January 5 -- New Masters Program Launches at WIDC
January 5 -- First Day of UNBC Wood Engineering program (video)
January 5 -- WIDC welcomes first engineering students  
January 1 -- UNBC celebrated 25th anniversary amid faculty, chancellor disputes

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