Friday, January 8, 2016

Iconic Prince Rupert Business goes onto the For Sale Listings

Baker Boy,  Prince Rupert institution
has recently been listed with
Remax Realty
For decades, Baker Boy has become a part of the fabric of life in Prince Rupert, a familiar part of the downtown business scene and one of the most well known of local businesses that the community has.

Their donuts a mainstay at Board meetings, office gatherings and more than a few picket lines through the years, while the Butter Crust bread, a staple of the store has been a favourite for many and a must have from any stop into the Third Avenue location.

Countless Birthday, Wedding and Retirement Cakes from Bakery Boy have been a part of many a celebration for Rupertites and now, with the turn of the calendar into 2016, it appears that the familiar faces of the Mar family may soon no longer be part of the downtown business scene.

An entry on the Facebook page for Remax Real Estate's Dorothy Wharton highlights the features of the favourite destination for many around the North Coast. Noting for any interested potential buyers that the sellers are motivated and willing to negotiate on the 525,000 dollar asking price listed with the real estate agency.

Baker Boy was most recently one of the finalists in last years Chamber of Commerce Awards, an indication of how much local residents have appreciated the service and baked goods over the years.

It's appearance on the local real estate listings marks another of the old line traditional Prince Rupert businesses that may now be set to change hands, or disappear from the local scene completely, depending on what kind of the interest there is in the property and what plans that any potential buyers may have.

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