Friday, January 8, 2016

Property Assessment Panel seeking new Member

Earlier this week we made note of the arrival of the 2016 property assessments from BC Assessments, a yearly ritual each January which sets the levels of property values across the province.

One aspect of the Assessment process is the option for residents to appeal their assessment, should they believe that it was an unfair determination.

The deadline for making your intention known to Assessments BC is coming up later this month.

From there, the Assessment moves on towards a review process that includes appearing in front of a Review panel that will offer up the final ruling on the assessment in question.

So, you may be asking, what about those panels and who can become a member?

Towards that we point you towards the website of the Property Assessment Review Panel, which not only outlines the process of appeal but offers up some background on how residents of the province can apply to become a member.

Locally there are three members of the North Coast panel, with Danielle Dalton currently listed as the Chair for the local overview of assessments, Ms. Dalton's appointment is in effect  until November of 2018

According to the PARP  website, applications are now being taken for membership for the North Coast Region and much like we outlined on the blog yesterday and the Port Directorships, successful applicants are put in place by way of appointment.

However, while the Port Board meets through the year,  the case of the Property Assessment Review Panel, the majority of the work is concentrated into the first three months of each year for the most part, with panel members paid 300 dollars per day for those days that the panel is sitting.

You can learn more about the application process and submit your application if you should be inclined through this link to the PARP website.

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