Friday, January 8, 2016

Home Invasion report through social media raising concern among Prince Rupert's Facebook community

While there's no official information posted to the Prince Rupert RCMP website to this point, accounts from social media indicate that another home invasion has taken place in the community, with what can only be described as very serious injuries the result.

A post through the local Prince Rupert Facebook page on Wednesday, highlights some background to the incident which reportedly took place in the downtown area of the city over the weekend, leaving one Prince Rupert resident in a Vancouver hospital.

The post also provides for a number of follow up comments highlighting the shock of those in the community at the violent nature of the incident,  with a number of concerned citizens expressing concern for the victims well being and asking that anyone that may have information on the weekend incident to contact the local detachment of the RCMP.

Concerns over break and enters in the community seem to be on the rise of late and in late December, the RCMP did make note of an earlier home invasion in the Summit Avenue area of the city, asking for the assistance of the public on that file.

In a situation such as the one currently gaining wide review on Facebook, it would seem that some form of an update from the local detachment would be something which might not only help the RCMP to gain the assistance of the public for this and other incidents, but to also provides a chance to offer up some guidance and information to local residents.

Considering the nature of the commentary found this week on social media, it's also an issue that Prince Rupert City Council may wish to keep an eye on

Though matters related to any concerns on crime were not very high on the discussion list at Council in 2015, where the topic did not come up at all during any of the public sessions of the last year.

In fact, in 2015, unlike the interest in the topic from previous Prince Rupert Council terms, the current Council membership did not invite the Officer in Charge of the Prince Rupert detachment in for a public review of issues related to policing in the community.

That was something which was once a common thing for City Council, made part of the regular public council meetings of those times and providing an opportunity for council members and the public to hear of any trends for crime in the community and how the local detachment was taking on the challenges of policing.

Incidents such as the current one making for discussion through social media, even if rare, clearly provide for some concern in the community and at the moment, through the active engagement of social media are being amplified accordingly.

With the topic continuing to resonate through those various social media options, Council members will perhaps want to seek out some more information on the nature of some of these break and enter and home invasion incidents.

Offering up some indication that they are aware of the issues, as well as to offer up some information for the public as to what the RCMP may require from the community and how the local detachment is approaching the issue.

Background on other items from this month on our Northwest Emergency Services Files can be found here.

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