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Municipal Government 2016 -- City of Terrace

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Terrace that come up for discussion  in 2014.

City of Terrace website

Items of Note for 2016


December 23 -- Terrace drivers warned against using disabled parking spaces
December 23 -- Overhang increases safety at Terrace library
December 22 -- Back to the 'old' Terrace
December 19 -- Terrace Aquatic Centre delay (video)
December 19 -- Petition ramps up momentum for new hospital in Terrace
December 15 -- Terrace City Council looking at history of talking sticks in Council chambers (audio)
December 14 -- Terrace Receives Grant in lieu of property taxes
December 14 -- Terrace search underway for talking sticks origin
December 13 -- Terrace taxation bylaw shelved for now
December 10 -- Information plaques highlight plants, trees found on Ferry Island
December 9 -- New 'Welcome to Thornhill' sign being crafted
December 8 -- Better communication promised between Terrace businesses and promotions group
December 7 -- Logging underway at the Skeena Industrial Development Park (audio)
December 7 -- Logging starts today at Terrace industrial park
December 6 -- Business group aims to clear up taxation plan confusion
December 3 -- Economic conditions top list of business concerns
December 2 -- Construction starting on newest trail on Ferry Island in Terrace
December 1 -- New trail to make pedestrians safer


November 30 -- Money needed to complete Terrace B.C. housing project
November 30 -- Terrace ranked as one of the best places in the province to work (audio)
November 29 -- New Terrace faces to sit on Regional District Board
November 28 -- Parking shift forecast in Terrace
November 25 -- Thornhill regional district director questions business survey
November 23 -- First step taken for a new Mills Memorial Hospital
November 23 -- Terrace, Thornhill merger idea liked by local businesses
November 22 -- Affordable housing project closer to reality in Terrace
November 21 -- City of Terrace probes 50 year old talking sticks donation
November 19 -- Big picture thinking needed for area's future
November 15 -- Terrace motel up for conversion into fixed income housing
November 11 -- Terrace Remembrance Day montage (video)
November 11 -- Lest We Forget
November 11 -- Terrace air cadets have challenging duty at cenotaph
November 10 -- Terrace cenotaph 50 years old this year
November 9 -- Design for new pool approved; more upgrades coming for aquatic centre
November 9 -- Terrace pool design (video)
November 9 -- Larger fitness room part of massive Terrace Aquatic Centre rebuild
November 4 -- RDKS to roll out organic curbside collection months before City of Terrace
November 4 -- Waste facilities open in Terrace area (video)
November 3 -- Terrace Parking study (video)
November 3 -- Terrace landfill closes
November 2 -- Terrace city council calls for strategy session on bid to replace aging Mills Memorial Hospital
November 1 -- Terrace Rotarians ready to auction 400 + items
November 1 -- City of Terrace applies for grant to design pedestrian overpass over CN rail yard


October 31 -- Sande overpass project taking longer than anticipated
October 30 -- Sande overpass resurfacing put on hold for the winter
October 27 -- Terrace pedestrian overpass on province's 'radar screen'
October 26 -- Regional district director firm in sign removal stance
October 25 -- BC government announces upgrades coming to Terrace intersection
October 25 -- Overpass project contract close to being tendered
October 24 -- Premier to be invited to tour Mills Memorial hospital
October 22 -- Terrace Chamber of Commerce celebrates area's best at gala
October 19 -- Welcome to Terrace sign removed
October 18 -- Terrace's damp shelter opens early
October 18 -- Terrace hospital build tax bite feared
October 17 -- Terrace's extreme weather shelter opens early
October 13 -- Terrace council backs call for postal service continuation
October 12 -- REM Theatre requesting support from the city for upgrades
October 12 -- Terrace City Council repealing the city's smoking bylaw
October 12 -- Terrace stands out at Communities in Bloom competition
October 11 -- Gov't remains mum on Terrace hospital replacement
October 7 -- TDCSS concerned about number of drop offs to their core store after hours (audio)
October 7 -- Projects should employ local
October 5 -- Shelved Northwestern B.C. LNG project does have its benefits
October 4 -- Telus shows Off "Future Home" as it nears compeltion of fibre Optic project in Terrace
October 3 -- No word on Terrace hospital funds just yet
October 2 -- Lower Thornhill sewer now up and running


September 30 -- Terrace Mayor happy with how the UBCM convention went (audio)
September 29 -- Sande Overpass repairs and traffic concerns (video)
September 29 -- Drivers being warned to 'slow down' on Sande Overpass
September 29 -- Residents in Terrace gather to "Take Back the Night"  (audio)
September 29 -- Men included for first time in Terrace take back the Night march
September 28 -- Sande Overpass in Terrace location of more accidents
September 28 -- Vote now for Terrace business awards
September 28 -- Why not build new hospital out of wood?
September 23 -- Terrace council takes hospital campaign to Victoria
September 22 -- Terrace awards (video)
September 22 -- Order of Terrace awards handed out
September 22 -- Four receive City of Terrace honours
September 20 -- Village of Telkwa councillor joins call for new Terrace hospital
September 19 -- Terrace/Thornhill Landfill to open in November (video)
September 19 -- New waste facilities unveiled in the Northwest
September 19 -- Northwestern BC super waste system unveiled
September 17 -- An overpass would help our divided city
September 15 -- Terrace city council not in favour of liquor serving request
September 15 -- Terrace residents take measures to protect their property (video)
September 14 -- Barbed wire will keep vandals out of Terrace property
September 13 -- Premier agrees that Terrace hospital needs an upgrade, but offers no timetable
September 13 -- Terrace Council renewing bylaw to invest in the downtown  (audio)
September 13 -- Rail yard fencing in the works, says Terrace mayor
September 10 -- How can we get a CN overpass?
September 9 -- Fire Truck Inspection Day in Terrace (video)
September 9 -- Cardboard, Paper banned from landfills
September 9 -- Changes in place for the Terrace/Thornhill landfill (video)
September 8 -- Paper and Cardboard banned from Terrace and Thornhill landfills  (audio)
September 7 -- Terrace Salvation Army pleased with First Annual "Stuff the Bus" results
September 7 -- Paper, cardboard banned from northwestern BC landfills
September 4 -- It's a case of the brownfield blues
September 2 -- Terrace Stuff the Bus food drive for Salvation Army (video)
September 2 -- Terrace Mayor says Recent Tragedies highlight need for Pedestrian Overpass along CN Tracks
September 2 -- Terrace residents invited to "stuff the bus" to help Salvation Army Food Bank
September 2 -- Overpass a must, says Terrace mayor
September 2 -- Transit planners pleased with response to Highway 16 bus service plan
September 1 -- CN Warning trespassers to Stay Off Tracks, After Second Fatality in Terrace in five days
September 1 -- Second Death at Terrace CN Tracks in less than a week (audio)
September 1 -- Stuff the Bus campaign launched in Terrace (video)
September 1 -- Deaths on CN Rail tracks highlight need for rail safety in community (video)
September 1 -- City of Terrace expects Co-op land sale by end of year


August 31 -- Second CN Rail fatality in Terrace in a week (video)
August 31 -- Second person killed while crossing CN tracks in Terrace
August 31 -- Public Forums on New "Highway of Tears" Bus Service this week
August 31 -- Another fatality on CN Tracks through Terrace -- Second in Five Days
August 30 -- Person dies after hit by train in Terrace (audio)
August 30 -- Identity of man who died in CN Rail yards released
August 30 -- Terrace death along CN Rail tracks (video)
August 30 -- Coroners service investigating death in CN Rail yard in Terrace
August 30 -- Terrace Man killed while attempting to Cross CN tracks
August 29 -- Sande Overpass upgrades to begin soon
August 29 -- Category 2 Fires allowed in Northwest Fire Centre
August 29 -- Improvement work to start on Sande overpass in Terrace
August 29 -- New daytime transit to connect northern BC
August 28 -- Government ducking its duties for a new hopsital
August 27 -- Government resistance to hospital plan a mystery
August 25 -- NDP leader backs call for a new Mills Memorial Hospital
August 24 -- Trauma service key to a new Mills Memorial Hospital
August 22 -- Fire Ban update for the Northwest (video)
August 19 -- John Horgan tour of Northwest (video)
August 18 -- John Horgan answers questions about LNG, Highway 16 and Liberals (audio)
August 18 -- BC NDP leader John HOrgan at Terrace City Council
August 18 -- Terrace banning open fires and restricting campfires
August 18 -- Open Fire ban in City of Terrace
August 17 -- Northwest Fire situation (video)
August 17 -- Community meetings scheduled for New Highway 16 Bus Service
August 17 -- BC Transit putting consultations in place for Highway 16 Shuttle Service (audio)
August 14 -- Renovations create new look for church
August 13 -- A glimmer of a plan for the downtown
August 12 -- Terrace, Thornhill residents will have to look elsewhere to dump their waste
August 12 -- Bid for new hospital in Terrace hits roadblock
August 12 -- Terrace land fill closure (video)
August 11 -- Mills Memorial replacement called for by City of Terrace (video)
August 11 -- Terrace City Council will push BC government for a new hospital
August 10 -- Calls grow for new hospital in Terrace
August 10 -- Terrace Council won't provide bus passes for Syrian refugee families (video)
August 9 -- No bus passes for Syrian families in Terrace
August 8 -- Seniors object to new location for homeless shelter
August 7 -- Terrace chamber pushes for a spiffed up downtown core
August 5 -- Trail proposed for Ferry Island in Terrace


July 30 -- Floats raise spirits at Riverboat Days 2016
July 30 -- Riverboat Days 2016 is officialy underway
July 28 -- Search Over for new Damp Shelter
July 28 -- Ksan shelter plans (video)
July 28 -- Parks and Recreation master plan coming soon
July 28 -- Ksan House purchases new homeless shelter
July 28 -- Terrace resident takes shipping container dispute to council
July 23 -- Additional public hearing sought on medical marijauna bylaw
July 22 -- Shelter struggles: Terrace seeks to address soaring homelessness
July 21 -- Tourism plan in motion to attract more visitors to Terrace
July 20 -- Terrace gets new mental health response team
July 20 -- New development planned following agricultural land rezone
July 19 -- Terrace disappointed after LNG Canada delay
July 16 -- City's aquatic centre open houses a success
July 16 -- City surveying seniors to guide city plans
July 14 -- Skeena Pride Alliance, city to host rainbow crosswalk celebration
July 13 -- Motel 6 in Question after LNG delays 
July 13 -- Terrace hotel delays (video)
July 12 -- Local Leaders react to LNG Canada Delays
July 12 -- LNG Canada decision, Northwest reaction (video)
July 12 -- City reports 'progress' on developing brownfield sites
July 12 -- Graham Avenue property rezoned residential after public hearing
July 11 -- Terrace lifts Enhanced Watering Restrictions
July 9 -- Terrace airport sees steady numbers despite route cancellations
July 8 -- Terrace lifts sprinkling ban
July 7 -- Sneak Preview of renovations to Terrace Aquatic Centre (video)
July 5 -- Terrace Housing plans on hold (video)
July 5 -- Terrace affordable housing project put on hold
July 5 -- Aquatic centre rebuild to be revealed
July 5 -- Vendors may soon sell on Terrace curbs
July 5 -- Society shelves affordable housing project
July 3 -- Motel future uncertain due to delays
July 1 -- Terrace celebrates Canada Day
July 1 -- Thornhill residents have their say on new community plan


June 30 -- Water restrictions in effect for Terrace
June 30 -- Terrace restricts water use after pump failure
June 30 -- City of Terrace gets a rainbow crosswalk
June 30 -- Rainbow Crosswalk painted in Terrace
June 30 -- Terrace historians rush to preserve forestry heritage
June 30 -- Pump failure leads to watering restrictions in Terrace
June 29 -- Terrace Mayor hopes to Discuss City's Homelessness Problems with Housing Minister
June 29 -- No voting conflict, say Terrace mayor and councillors
June 28 -- An inspector remains in charge of Terrace RCMP detachment
June 27 -- Second local vendor happy with proposed bylaw
June 27 -- Big turnout for this year's salmon run at Kitsumkalum
June 24 -- Terrace to survey people ages 50+ (audio)
June 24 -- Lecky Named New Inspector of Terrace RCMP
June 24 -- Terrace RCMP Detachment has new commander (audio)
June 24 -- New Commander for Terrace Detachment of the RCMP (video)
June 24 -- Food truck ruckus in Terrace (audio)
June 23 -- Greyhound VP on newly announced Highway 16 bus (audio)
June 23 -- Terrace Seniors Survey (video)
June 23 -- Terrace council buoyant about Chinese development prospects
June 22 -- Aboriginal Day Celebrations at Kitsumkalum (video)
June 22 -- Terrace RCMP detachment gets a new inspector
June 21 -- Terrace council holds off on mobile food vendor bylaw
June 20 -- Terrace Block Party (video)
June 18 -- Terrace Salvation Army wants to be primary food bank
June 18 -- Transit hinges on local approval
June 18 -- Syrian family gets aquainted with Terrace
June 17 -- Terrace Mayor reports on recent visit to China
June 17 -- Terrace updates community on recent China visit (video)
June 17 -- Terrace hosts National Aboriginal Day events  (video)
June 17 -- Terrace Mayor offers thoughts on shuttle bus proposal (video)
June 16 -- BC Government announces funding for Bus Service along Highway of Tears
June 15 -- Highway of Tears to get bus service
June 15 -- More transit promised for Terrace
June 15 -- Terrace Welcomes Fist Syrian Refugee Arrivals
June 15 -- Syrian refugee family now in Terrace
June 15 -- Highway of Tears bus service to run from Prince George to Prince Rupert
June 15 -- Syrian refugee family arrives at Terrace
June 14 -- Syrian refugee family arriving in Terrace
Jund 14 -- Terrace prepares to Welcome First Syrian Refugee family
June 14 -- Salvation Army seeks primary food bank designation in Terrace
June 13 -- Terrace to receive Syrian family (video)
June 11 -- Terrace and district raising garbage collection taxes
June 4 --   Terrace casino a gamble
June 3 -- Terrace mulls casino plans as part of larger desire to become centre of Northwest convention industry  NCR


May 31 -- Coastal Gaslink donates $50,000 towards Terrace Water Park
May 30 -- Affordable housing grant gets approved by council
May 29 -- City hall protestors add petition to their efforts
May 27 -- Hotel/Casino complex possibility intensifies
May 27 -- Hotel, conference centre hinges on gamig expansion
May 26 -- Downtown Terrace location pegged for hotel, casino development
May 24 -- Homeless protest continues at Terrace city hall
May 19 -- CityWest to face high speed competition in Terrace market  NCR
May 18 -- City of Terrace probes level of underground contamination
May 17 -- Terrace Mayor says Housing is Provincial issue, but will lobby for support  (audio)
May 16 -- Terrace Tent protest (video)
May 16 -- Homeless and affordability housing protest camp set up in front of Terrace City Hall  (audio)
May 16 -- Homeless Terrace citizens protest in front of city hall
May 12 -- Terrace homeless shelter search back to square one
May 10 -- Terrace delegation flies to China
May 5 -- More units added to proposed Terrace affordable housing proposal
May 4 -- Industrial park development to begin


April 29 -- Terrace councillor receives provincial award
April 28 -- Council votes against new homeless shelter rezone
April 25 -- More than 100 homeless in Terrace
April 16 -- Council gives blessing to extend liquor sales
April 14 -- Homeless count taking place in Terrace next week
April 12 -- Public hearing on Terrace homeless shelter delayed
April 10 -- Yellow House demolition underway
April 8 -- Proposed Terrace shelter location draws oposition and support
April 3 -- Former Terrace church building to have new use
April 1 -- Terrace homeless shelter plan draws opposition
April 1 -- New Location found for extreme weather homeless shelter in Terrace


March 31 -- Plans to relocate shelter facing opposition (audio)
March 31 -- Terrace Weather Shelter Application (video)
March 30 -- Terrace responds to coroners inquest recommendations
March 30 -- City of Terrace to take part in detox centre planning
March 28 -- Affordable housing project planned for Southside Terrace
March 28 -- Residents want tighter burn laws
March 28 -- Easter Egg hunt in Terrace (video)
March 28 -- Terrace recognized for hosting the Coy Cup
March 26 -- Egg hunt takes place in Terrace today
March 23 -- Walmart seeks city taxation refund
March 20 -- Police are leery of liquor request in Terrace
March 18 -- Terrace council affirms rejection of fluoride referendum request
March 16 -- LNG industry boosted at Terrace rally
March 16 -- Agencies ponder coroner's jury recommendations
March 16 -- Did the rally for LNG get noticed by the multinational compaines ... (audio)
March 16 -- Terrace Truck Rally for LNG development
March 16 -- Pro-LNG rally held at Skeena Mall (audio)
March 15 -- Terrace city council listends to medical experts and keeps fluoride in water (audio)
March 15 -- Terrace to continue Fluoridating Drinking Water
March 15 -- Terrace keeps fluoride in the city water supply (video)
March 15 -- Ksan seeks rezoning to purchase new shelter
March 14 -- Terrace to keep fluoride program and reject call for referendum
March 12 -- Terrace area guides oppose northwestern BC LNG location
March 10 -- Northwest Anglers letter on LNG opposition (video)
March 8 -- Terrace cold weather shelther closes, then re-opens
March 8 -- Terrace Recycling woes (video)
March 8 -- More public washrooms sought in Terrace
March 8 -- Controlled burn in Terrace (video)
March 7 -- Controlled burn underway this month on Terrace mountain
March 5 -- CF 18's could appear on Riverboat Days 
March 2 -- Terrace Pool Upgrades (video)
March 2 -- Terrace Aquatic Centre due for a Facelift
March 2 -- Responsible Development Forum in Prince Rupert (video)
March 2 -- Terrace homeless shelter shuts down early
March 2 -- Northwestern B. C. recycling program faces challenge


February 27 -- Crime stats drop in Terrace
February 27 -- Sign bylaw has been adopted
February 25 -- Terrace firefighters hone skills
February 23 -- Homeless intervention in Terrace (video)
February 23 -- Overpass problems in Terrace (video)
February 23 -- Terrace Mayor, Councillors headed for China
February 23 -- Permit waits worrisome, businesses tell Terrace council
February 17 -- Terrace intersection collision solution sought
February 16 -- Terrace upgrades its fluoride system
February 12 -- Terrace receives over $4 million for pool overhaul
February 15 -- Terrace fundraising for Food Bank (video)
February 11 -- Terrace Transportation plan (video)
February 10 -- City presented with petition to end fluoride program
February 10 -- Terrace Radon awareness (video)
February 9 -- Terrace Business walk figures into refreshed economic plan
February 6 -- Store defends poster
February 6 -- City road plan includes Skeena pavement
February 5 -- City focuses on business
February 4 -- Terrace road project receives award (video)
February 3 -- Kitimat-Stikine Regional District turns down recycling subsidy proposal (video)
February 2 -- Regional district votes against curbside collection subsidies


January 29 -- Terrace eyes ban on decal-like window signs
January 26 -- Terrace and area residents deserving of honours, says city councillor
January 21 -- City of Terrace housing plan missed crucial detail
January 19 -- Nisga'a band postpones Terrace homeless benefit concert
January 17 -- Fluoride ban bid going to Terrace City Council
January 16 -- Terrace Community Foundation looking for grant applications
January 14 -- Terrace to hold a business walk survey (audio)
January 14 -- Terrace Council paves way for Coy Cup hosting
January 12 -- Terrace Council eyes pricey environmental program
January 12 -- City shoots for zero tax hike budget
January 7 -- Housing development for Terrace remains in limbo
January 6 -- City of Terrace to pay for DNA
January 4 -- Councillors confident in land deal

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