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Municipal Government 2016 -- Town of Smithers

Our quick reference and archive of items from Smithers, Telkwa, Houston and Burns Lake for 2016.

Town of Smithers website



October 7 -- World Homeless Day at Bovill Square, Smithers next Thursday
October 6 -- Telkwa Town Hall Next Week on Asset Management
October 4 -- Short Term Rental Woes Part of UBCM Resolution
October 4 -- $1.6 Million Donation for CT Scan plus $78K raised at BV Health Care and Hospital Foundation Gala


September 30 -- Smithers victim services resolution not endorsed at UBCM
September 30 -- Burns Lake Tax Payers Save Over 475K on Water Tower thanks to Fund increase
September 29 -- Dates are set for by-election to replace the Mayor of Burns Lake
September 28 -- Telkwa Fire Hydrant maintenance causing possible water discolouration
September 27 -- Telkwa water capacity didn't make talks with Ministers this week at UBCM
September 26 -- Village of Telkwa recipient of 'Open for Business Award"
September 26 -- Smithers Council talking affordable housing and transportation in Victoria
September 23 -- How Can Burns Lake and the RDBN Grow?
September 21 -- Alpenhorn Man to Get Face Lift
September 21 -- Houston By-Election info session tomorrow for nominee hopefuls
September 21 -- Smithers Sidewalk Talks leading Somewhere
September 20 -- Paying for Sidewalks part of Smithers Public Committee Talks Tonight
September 15 -- Burns Lake Mayor Luke Strimbold Steps Down as of Today
September 15 -- Proposed BC Transit Route through Houston
September 14 -- Telkwa still has a balance of over $130,000 in unpaid property taxes
September 14 -- 'Lone sidewalk' might get an extension
September 12 -- Hazelton Rec Centre sees increase in estimated cost
September 9 -- 'Mayors and Chairs' roundtable brings representatives from Norther Communities to Prince George
September 9 -- Update on Natural Resource projects planned for Sunday in Moriectown
September 8 -- Burns Lake Potholes lead to Mayor's arrest?
September 8 -- Boil water advisory issued for Hazelton likely caused by precipitation
September 7 -- RDBN looking at survey to diagnose lack of High Speed Internet in Rural Areas
September 7 -- The Town of Smithers is Revising their Grant in Aid Policy on How to Fund Non Profit Organizations
September 7 -- BC Transit in Topley and Burns Lake this week for Highway 16 Action Plan


August 31 -- Smithers Council holding  "Sidewalk to Nowhere" Forum tomorrow
August 29 -- BC Transit Highway 16 Public Input Sessions visit Northwest this week
August 26 -- 'No easy answers' to issues in Bovill Square, Report Says
August 25 -- New accessible washrooms open at Smithers Fairgrounds
August 24 -- Smithers sign bylaw takes another step forward
August 24 -- Hagwilget Bridge upgrades complete
August 22 -- Smithers considering Hotel Tax Bump
August 19 -- Negotiations are underway with the Houston Mall management and a Grocery Supplier
August 19 -- RDBN wants better answers for issues around Rail Safety and Spread of Invasive Species from CN
August 18 -- Funding for Vic Services increased, and a proposed fitness centre for Telkwa on hold
August 16 -- Town working with SCSA seeking solutions to poor behaviour at Bovill Square
August 11 -- Voluntary water use reductions of 30 percent in the Skeena and Nass Regions
August 10 -- Smithers 'Alpine Theme' Bylaw failed adoption, and is now back for third reading for more 'Clarity'
August 10 -- Solution for 'Public Drunkenness' at Bovill Square
August 9 -- 'Alpine Theme' Sign bylaw up for adoption at Smithers Council meeting tonight
August 4 -- Money for Municipalities helps keep local taxes from rising
August 3 -- Houston Councillor Dawn Potvin to step down August 31
August 2 -- New Rules give local farmers a break


July 29 -- Public allows borrowing of 2 million dollars for Smithers airport improvements
July 27 -- Smithers sign bylaw is closer to becoming a law after third reading
July 27 -- Smithers airport stats show less passenger use and aircraft traffic so far this year
July 26 -- Smithers Council looks at 3rd reading of sign-bylaw tonight
July 20 -- Smithers Council has land set aside for SCSA's affordable housing plans
July 19 -- A new affordable housing project could be coming to Smithers
July 19 -- Smithers Park to be renamed 'Gordon L. Williams Park' in honour of Former Mayor
July 18 -- Public has the rest of the week to allow the borrowing of $2 million for the airport
July 18 -- Less Borrowing for the taxpayer to resurface Baker Airport Runway in Burns Lake
July 15 -- Telkwa residents have until next Wednesday to let the Village know how they want trails and transportation improved
July 14 -- Smithers Council is trying to deal with a public urination problem in town
July 13 -- Burns Lake council meetings changed to Wednesdays
July 13 -- Building the Local Food Economy will be the focus of economic development workshops
July 12 -- Smithers Airport modernization project and water restrictions a part of tonight's Council Meeting
July 11 -- Smithers Council looks at water restrictions for airport with high summer usage and cost
July 8 -- BBQ helps honour volunteerism in Telkwa tomorrow along with Water Conservation
July 8 -- Water conservation Awareness Day in Telkwa tomorrow is aimed at curbing water usage
July 7 -- Highway 16 Action plan topic of forum held with communities from across the region today in Smithers
July 6 -- Mobile Food Vendors in Houston will get a break
July 5 -- SuperValu mall owners will be saving on their tax assessment
July 4 -- Smithers Property Taxes due today


June 30 -- A sign bylaw could strengthen the 'alpine theme' in downtown Smithers
June 29 -- Smithers makes marketing agreement in hopes to lease Airport land
June 29 -- Smithers airport modernization project must be build green, setting the bar for emissions
June 28 -- RDBN passed their 2015 Annual Report
June 27 -- Corrugated cardboard changes take effect Canada Day
June 24 -- Highway 16 Trans Action plan topic of RDBN forum next month including all communities
June 24 -- A Rainbow Cross-walk is being painted in Downtown Smithers
June 23 -- A meeting about Trail and Transportation improvements tonight in Telkwa
June 20  -- Aboriginal Day at Bovill Square in Smithers Tomorrow
June 17 -- Main Street Festival expected to fill Smithers downtown tomorrow
June 17 -- Water storage levels are 'dangerously low' in Telkwa according to Mayor
June 16 -- 2017 will see an increased bus service between Smithers and Telkwa 
June 15 -- Bus Service coming to the Highway of Tears
June 15 -- Sign controversy hopefully laid to rest after council allows a variance by-law
June 15 -- Smithers Council won't allow a private school a temporary use permit on Railway Ave.
June 15 -- When it comes to writing grant proposals, Smithers would rather do it themselves than pay
June 14 -- Northern Gateway, LNG among Smithers council agenda items tonight



April 1 -- April Fools: Temporary Move Could Save Area $1.8 Million
April 1 -- Smithers Mayor Devises Unique way of Reducing RCMP costs -- April Fools!


March 31 -- BC Hydro replacing 560 Smithers poles
March 30 -- Road Dust Maintenance now in Telkwa's hands
March 30 -- BVCU  account opened for Fire victims
March 29 -- Telus launches wireless service along Highway 16 between Smithers and Houston
March 29 -- Telus' $!M Betters wireless service along Highway 16 and Telkwa
March 28 -- Rudolph's Sausage shop moves to Main Street
March 22 -- Big Week a Success for Smithers Tourism
March 20 -- Road Dust Advisory lifted in Smithers
March 18 -- Road Dust advisory for Bulkley Valley and Lakes and Smithers
March 17 -- Telkwa Serious on Water Conservation
March 15 -- Telkwa Council taking road dust into its own hands
March 14 -- Mayor holds office hours to discuss signs and bylaws
March 14 -- Regional District approves plan to reopen reuse sheds
March 14 -- Council discussing Ranger Park pre at Monday's public meeting
March 11 -- Alpine Al going in for 'surgery' this fall
March 11 -- Smithers storeowner feels singled out by Town over sign
March 10 -- Town of Smithers files injunction on Sedaz Lingerie; offers solution
March 10 -- Sign dispute in Smithers (video)
March 10 -- Smithers Council shares 'deep concerns' about LNG
March 9 -- Businesses can expect big week with new athletes in town
March 9 -- New Arena getting New "Zamboni"
March 9 -- Smithers prepares to host two major Sporting Events next week
March 9 -- Ski Cross preparations in Smithers (video)
March 8 -- Dust Advisory for Bulkley Valley and Lakes Area
March 8 -- Local Air Activist concerned with Newpro re-opening
March 7 -- Smithers Council to Debate Pacific Northwest LNG
March 3 -- Smithers Council's idea could help BC Victim Services
March 3 -- Houston in Better Hands after Grant to firefighters
March 2 -- Houston Council finishing up geothermal report
March 1 -- Feds help Hazelton with water and roads management grant


February 28 -- BVARS receives $7,000 through BC Gaming Grant
February 26 -- Smithers, Telkwa Crime rates drastically down in 2015
February 25 -- Town grant to access Smithers to aid local accessibility
February 12 -- Smithers to receive Gas Tax fund money to be put towards Airport issues (video)
February 12 -- Major Airport Upgrades coming to Smithers Airport
February 12 -- Smithers gets Funding for Airport modernization
February 11 -- Small-town Canada opening its arms to refugees
February 10 -- Talks of Zoning Amendments fill Council Gallery
February 9 -- Residents Speak on Downtown Sign Bylaw
February 5 -- Smithers makes ready its welcome to Syrian refugee families (video)
February 4 -- Telkwa Reformed Church welcomes Congolese Refugee Family
February 3 -- First Syrian Family arriving Monday


January 29 -- Smithers Water Main Burst
January 27 -- New Water Tower Vital for Telkwa Growth
January 25 -- Telkwa Council addressing air quality with annual Stove exchange
January 21 -- Telkwa Technology Upgrades Hint at Big Year
January 20 -- Operational Budget Talks Begin in Smithers
January 15 -- Plan proposed to reopen Smithers/Telkwa reuse shed
January 13 -- Grant looking to better Telkwa Accessibility
January 13 -- Chlorine-water in Telkwa taken care of
January 7 -- Bulkley River Ice Jam update (video)
January 7 -- Bulkley Valley Ice Jam (video)
January 5 -- Property assessment impact on Kitimat (video)

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