Monday, January 11, 2016

Nathan Cullen calls for Auditor General investigation into Ridley Terminals appointment

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen is calling for an investigation into the appointment process at Ridley Terminals Incorporated, raising questions over the appointment of a Conservative political organizer to the the Vice-Presidency of the company.

The Northwest MP wants Auditor General Micheal Ferguson to review the  appointment of  Colin Metcalfe, who was named Vice-Presidentfor Corporate Affairs at RTI in August, his move to the executive ranks of Ridley Terminals coming at the start of last years Federal election campaign.

Along with the timing of the appointment, of particular concern to Mr. Cullen is Mr. Metcalfe's previous status as a political organizer for the federal Conservative Party of Canada and most recently his work as an advisor to then Industry Minister James Moore.

An appointment to the management
ranks of RTI is on the radar of
NDP MP Nathan Cullen
Officials from the Auditor General's office have said that to this point, no investigation is planned into the appointment.

The Northwest MP outlines his concerns over the appointment and other issues related to Ridley Terminals in a pair of articles from an Ottawa based news website, see here and here.

Mr. Cullen notes to ipolitics that he is drafting a letter to formally asked the Auditor General to examine how Mr. Metcalfe landed his job with Ridley Terminals.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May also expressed her concern on nature of the appointment and all appointments to Crown Corporations, expanding on her thoughts in this article for the Ottawa news service, where she calls for a change in the rules when it comes to how appointments are made.

You can review more information on items related to Ridley Terminals from our archive page here.

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