Thursday, May 5, 2016

AltaGas moves into consultation phase for planned Propane Terminal at Ridley Island

Site Map of the proposed AltaGas
Export Terminal at Ridley Island

(from AltaGas)
North Coast Residents can now get their first look at what could be the next significant development i in the region, as AltaGas the Alberta based energy company ramps up its community engagement process in the region.

The  energy company which has proposed a Propane export Terminal for Ridley Island started their public engagement campaign last month when they provided a presentation to Prince Rupert City Council that provided some background on their plans.

You can review that presentation to Council from our blog item of April 13, (see here) as part of that council session Prince Rupert Council members took advantage of the opportunity asked a number of questions of the AltaGas representatives.

An overview of where the 
proposed AltaGas Propane
Export terminal will be located
at Ridley Island
(From AltaGas)
The process now shifts towards engagement with the residents of the North Coast as Alta Gas prepares to provide more information on their plans through a pair of information sessions in Prince
Rupert and Port Edward.

As part of the 30 day public comment period related to their initial federal assessment of the proposed development Alta Gas is hosting an Open House on May 10th at the Port Edward Municipal Complex with a May 11th Open House to take place in Prince Rupert at the North Coast Convention Centre at Chances.

You can learn more about the terminal proposal from a website created by AltaGas which features an overview of the project, maps and diagrams and an opportunity to review the Project Description (see here)

AltaGas has also provided a short synopsis of the propane export industry and Canada's place in the world market.

Written comments related to the proposed development can be forwarded to

The Deadline for submissions is May 20th.

For more items related to the proposed development see our archive page here.

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