Friday, May 20, 2016

School District 52 to receive $225,000 in provincial money from "fix-it' fund

British Columbia Education Minister
Mike Bernier announced a 45 million
dollar funding program for school
infrastructure on Thursday
In one of the last announcements of the Spring session of the Legislature, the British Columbia Government announced details of the Ministry of Education's "Fix-it" Fund, outlining how much money will be allocated to School District's across the province to address some infrastructure needs,.

For Prince Rupert, the Ministry of Education is directing 225,000 dollars to School District 52, with $150,000 heading towards general issues and $75,000 in district funding to be used towards installing automatic flush valves to address elevated levels of lead in drinking water.

The water issues at Prince Rupert schools gained prominence across the province in February, when North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice alerted the Legislature to the issue following a letter from School District officials to parents in the community.

School District sends out advisory to parents over elevated levels in water at four local schools
MLA Rice raises School District lead level issues in Legislature
NDP continues to make SD52 water concerns part of Legislature debate
MLA calls for expanded testing of water in Northwest Schools
MLA Rice introduces private members bill on water testing for Schools

Water issues at Prince Rupert schools
will be addressed as part of Thursday's
funding announcement

The funding is part of a 45 million dollar improvement program for 124 schools in the province details of the program were announced on Thursday.

You can review the funding allocations for other Northwest School Districts from the funding background piece  here.

More background on the Ministry of Educations Fix-it Fund can be found below:

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For further items of interest from the British Columbia Legislature can be found on our archive page here, while more notes on School District 52 developments can be found here.

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