Friday, May 6, 2016

Rupert's Road Repair season underway

All they need is a little black top now,
work continues on the intersection
at McBride and 1st Avenue as the
City of Prince Rupert launches its
Spring/Summer road work
The days of car rattling bumps and potholes may soon be near an end for many areas of the city, with the arrival of the warmer weather the City of Prince Rupert has launched its 2016 Road Repair program for the year.

And as motorists and cyclists around the city have no doubt noticed a number of key areas have already seen some of the preliminary work in place, with road scaling and preparation taking place with local roadways awaiting their turn for some asphalt.

The summer long road project has seen a start in the downtown area, with a long time problem area at First and McBride finally getting some remediation work, while work is also underway in the Summit and Sloan areas of the city as well as on 11th at Prince Rupert Boulevard.

Other areas that have been identified for the attention of Adventure Paving this year include:

Seal Cove/Bellis Road
Prince Rupert Boulevard
Seal Cove Circle

A major road closure will take place in the weeks to come as the City closes the Cow Bay road by the Atlin Terminal to allow for some construction work to take place in the immediate area, once the road is closed, traffic will be temporarily rerouted through the Cow Bay area and up 1st Avenue West.

Work is also underway along the City's waterfront Millennium walkway, as crews conduct some preventive rock scaling and other work along the popular stretch of land between the Northlands Cruise Terminal and Rotary Waterfront park.

The City is also in the early stages of its annual road marking program, road marking crews have already been busy working on the east side of the city, with work to continue around the city as weather permits.

An update on the city's infrastructure work can be found from the city website here.

Residents who have concerns over any area of the city which may require work can contact the Engineering department to advise the City of potholes and other issues that can be reviewed.

For more items related to Civic infrastructure see our archive page here.

More background on Prince Rupert City Council can be found on our Council Discussion page.

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