Friday, May 6, 2016

Popular North Coast trail closed for the season

A popular hiking destination on the North Coast is not going to be available for 2016 with concerns related to some elements of the Metlakatla Wilderness Trail requiring the trail infrastructure to be closed for this spring and summer season.

The concerns came to light following a major wind storm last spring and until a further review of the network of trails can be made, the decision was made to not allow Metlakatla residents or guests to the region use of the trail for this year.

Officials in Metlakatla are currently examining their options for the trail and remain hopeful that the popular destination can be re-opened for future use in the years ahead.

The trail which opened to the public earlier this decade was created as part of the Metlakatla Stewardship social enterprise program, providing an eco-tourist attraction that celebrates the natural elements of the Metlakatla territory and provided employment options for local residents.

Running along the forested shoreline of the Tsimshian Peninsula, it has become a popular option for both local residents and visitors to the region looking for a unique North Coast experience.

One of the bridges along the Metlakatla Wilderness Trail

Another view of the Metlaktala Wilderness Trail, now closed until further
notice as officials review the trail infrastructure

Background on the trail and an update on the current closure of it can be found from the Metlakatla First Nation website.

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