Thursday, May 5, 2016

School District 52 adds to upper management postings

School District 52 is making a shift to its upper management ranks, with an announcement this week that heralds the appointment of Ken Minette to the post of Assistant Superintendent.

The long time educator in the community will be taking on his new duties starting in August. Most recently he has been spending half of his time with the SD working as Director of Instruction, with a focus on Prince Rupert Middle School and Charles Hays Secondary School.

Mr. Minette will be taking on his new position as the School District begins with the implementation of the new Provincial curriculum and as the Board of Education tackles a number of financial challenges for the year ahead.

 “Ken has provided exceptional leadership in all of his roles in the district,”  ... “We look forward to having him in the Board Office full time as the district moves forward with the implementation of the new Provincial curriculum.” -- SD52 Superintendent Sandra Jones commenting on the promotion of Ken Minette to Assistant Superintendent

The full announcement from the School District can be reviewed here.

The appointment of an Assistant Superintendent comes as School District 52 prepares to put the final touches on their cost cutting measures for 2016, at the most recent School Board meeting of April, Board officials outlined a number of cost reduction plans that will be put in place as they work towards balancing their budget.

Some of the areas that will be affected as part of the financial plan included:

Cuts to teaching positions and support staff duties
Cost cutting in the area of speech language assistance and the work of an occupational therpaist
Elimination of bus transportation and the Ferry service to Metlakatla

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