Thursday, May 12, 2016

School District 52 makes a number of appointments for 2016-17 school year

SD52 is shifting its administration at
area schools for September
As the 2015-16 School year makes ready to enter its final month, School District 52 is looking towards September with a range of appointments announced on Tuesday

The pending retirement of Linda Hikida starts the management shift in motion, with Ms. Hikida the District Principal of Student Support Services set to retire in July bringing to an end a career with the School District that began back in 1981.

Sandra Jones, Superintendent of SD 52 paid tribute to her work over the last three and a half decades.

“The district is very grateful to Linda for having served for 35 years,” ... “She has made a tremendous contribution to our district and, while we will miss her, we join her in looking forward to a well-deserved retirement."

With her departure over the summer, the School District will be remapping its Principal listings heading towards the start of school in September.

Moving into the position of District Principal of Student Support Services will be Christine Franes. Mrs. Franes who arrived in the School District in 1996, taking up a number of duties, most recently as Principal of Pineridge Elementary School since 2014.

With the shift of Mrs. Franes to the District Principal position, Mrs. Debra Fabbi will take over as Principal at Pineridge in September, with Mrs. Sheryl Sadorski joining her as Vice Principal. In a media release from SD52, it was noted that she will be returning to the District following her courageous battle with cancer.

A change in title is also in store for Michele Cross-Pomponio, who will relinquish the Associate Principle title at Prince Rupert Middle School, named Principal for the start of the School year in September.

A full review of the management shift and some background on the departure of Ms. Hikida and promotions across the district can be found here.

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