Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Radiance of the Seas launches 2016 Cruise Ship Season for Prince Rupert

The 2016 North Coast Cruise Season
is underway with a port visit from the
Radiance of the Seas
The rain for the most part has held off for the day, with a strong contingent of passengers and crew members from the Radiance of the Sea making their way ashore in Prince Rupert, with occasional glimpses of the sun providing a warm welcome to the North Coast through the morning and into the afternoon.

The vessel from the Royal Caribbean line arrived on time and as scheduled at the Northland Terminal and shortly after the 7 AM tie up, passengers began to dis-embark set to explore Prince Rupert and the North Coast on this first day of the 2016 Cruise Ship season.

A quick tour of the Cow Bay and Northland Terminal area, as well as the downtown core over the noon hour found a mingling of dialects as visitors to the area conversed in a global symphony of languages.

With British, American and Australian accents mixing with Spanish, Italian, Filipino and a range of Asian voices as they toured the shops of Cow Bay and worked their way up Third Avenue into the downtown area.

A popular stop along the journey into the downtown core were the twin murals of Cow Bay, with the artwork making for the backdrop for a number of visitor snap shots of their explorations.

Others took advantage of the shore based tours and walking adventures that were offered from the Northland staging area, a location that featured few stragglers over the noon, with the majority of those coming ashore already off to take in the sights of the area.

Besides the Coy Bay and Atlin Terminal gifts shops, other stores in the city found an uptick in business visits, while restaurants and bars also were greeting some unfamiliar faces through the busy noon hour period.

In all, there was the potential for over 2,100 visitors and crew members to take to the city's streets and various attractions during the course of the ten hour stopover in the community.

The next vessel on the horizon is the Seven Seas Mariner, the Regent Cruise liner will make for a somewhat smaller invasion, with a potential count of 700 guests set to arrive on Sunday May 29th.

You can review more on the North Coast Cruise scene from our archive page here.

Below some views of the vessel at its berth at the Northland Cruise Terminal, the Radiance of the Seas remains in town until the lines are cast off at 5 PM this evening.

The Millennium Walkway makes for a good forward vantage point
for a look at the Radiance of the Seas 

A view of the Radiance of the Seas from the Atlin Terminal walkway
The City's new Cow Bay Marina dock made for a popular photo stop
for those looking for a shot of the Radiance of the Seas

The Cow Bay Marina Dock was a destination for many coming ashore as
visitors grabbed a look back at the city from the boardwalk

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