Monday, May 30, 2016

Local Art Studio closes the doors

The city's downtown Third Avenue West street front features one new empty window, with the recent closing of the Happy Little Clouds Art Studio, an ambitious local project that provided an outlet for the artistic side of the city's youngsters.

Happy Little Clouds owner Tara Dias announced the closure in March, with a posting on the Studio Facebook page and the Happy Little Clouds website, though many may not have noticed its absence in recent weeks owing to the sidewalk reconstruction currently taking place along Third Avenue.
The For Lease sign us up in the former
location for Happy Little Clouds Art Studio

The Business was recently featured in the Thrive North Business blog, which outlined the lengthy process that entrepreneurs face to bring their dreams to realization in the business world.

The final post on the Studio's Facebook page from Mid March provides a glimpse into some of the challenges that the small business owner faces, challenges which sometimes in the end mean that they have to step back from their projects.

For those that found the Little Clouds Studio a strong addition to the local community there is some hope of a new approach, with Ms. Dias observing that she has ambitions to try and deliver some classes in the future, suggesting that those that enjoyed the Studio atmosphere check back to the Facebook page for any updates to her plans.

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