Thursday, May 12, 2016

City of Prince Rupert accepting nominations for Civic Awards Process

It's nomination season for the annual City of Prince Rupert Civic Awards, with the Administration Department at City Hall accepting applications through until June.

Over the years numerous Prince Rupert residents have been honoured for their contribution to the community, a mix of those well known for their frequent volunteer activities or achievements around the city and others who perhaps made one lasting impression on someone for their kindness or efforts.

All have contributed to the betterment of Prince Rupert, with many of those that find their names in nominations providing for community leadership at its most grassroots level.

There are seven categories for award nominations including:

Freedom of the City --- the highest honour that the City has, it's not often that it is bestowed, generally reserved for an individual of high achievement or one who has had an impact on the community, it can also be awarded to a unit of the armed forces of Canada or another country.

Civic Merit Award -- Bestowed to an individual  who has brought distinction to the community through outstanding achievement in one or more areas of consideration: business and entrepreneurship, arts and entertainment, science and academics, health and education, sports and youth leadership and volunteer and community service.

Civic Appreciation Award -- An expression of civic appreciation to an individual and/or group for their services and contributions that have benefited the community.

Certificate of Appreciation -- For those who have made a contribution to a Council established committee or task force to which they have been appointed to.

Appreciation Pin -- Presented to those in the community who have volunteered for a committee.

Achievement Award -- Acknowledgement from the community for those individuals, teams or groups of persons who have achieved Provincial, National or International honours in various areas of endeavour, or have performed a noteworthy deed.

Sergeant William Booth Award -- Presented to an individual who, acting on their own initiative or as members of volunteer organizations, demonstrate unusual humanitarian effort in order to help and protect their fellow citizens, sometimes placing themselves at great personal risk.

The deadline for consideration for this years cycle of nominations is 4:30 PM on June 10th, 2016.

Nomination forms can be picked up at City Hall or downloaded here.

In past years, those that have been selected for recognition have been honoured at a City Council session usually in the late summer or early fall.

In October of last year, council received a request from the Special Events society to shift the presentation of the awards to the Canada Day celebrations at Mariner's Park.

That request was approved by Council as part of the October 26th Council session.

You can find out more about the process of putting forward names in nomination here.

The full overview of the criteria for the Award nominations can be reviewed from the Civic Recognition page on the City of Prince Rupert website.

A review of some of the most recent awards presentation can be found below:

December 2014 -- City of Prince Rupert recognizes eight for merit and appreciation

More items related to the work of the City of Prince Rupert can be found on our archive page.

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