Friday, May 27, 2016

Change coming to BC education exam process next year

The exam load and pressures of exam time will be reduced for
secondary school students starting in September
This year will mark the final year for the expanded final exam process in British Columbia's secondary schools, with the Ministry of Education set to introduce a new program next year which will see significantly fewer final exams and more in class assessments.

Education Minister Mike Bernier announced the changes on Thursday noting that the new curriculum designed by teachers across the province will focus on the basics of reading , writing and arithmetic that allows for collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.

“We owe it to parents and to the next generation to make sure we are setting up a clear path for kids to follow their dreams and succeed. Whether they want to design computer programs, build skyscrapers, or start a business, our new curriculum and our incredible teachers will help students build the foundation they need to make that happen.”

As for the reduced exam regimen the previous five exam program will be replaced by assessments of the core math an literacy skills taught as foundations for all subjects. During their graduation years, students will write provincial exams in both math skills and literacy.

Student programs in subjects such as science, social studies and language arts will be assessed in the classroom.

The days of the Report Card appear numbered as well, with the new program having the school consulting with parents on what they want to know about their child's progress and how they want to get that information.

And starting in the 2017-18 school year, students will take a Career Education course as part of the curriculum in order to graduate, that program is to provide them with a link between the classroom and their opportunities in life.

The Information release from the Ministry of Education, along with links to other background information on the new curriculum can be found here.

As we noted on the blog earlier this month, Students and Parents/Guardians can learn more about the new curriculum plans for British Columbia when School District 52 hosts two sessions on Monday May 30th to outline the launch of the new program.

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  1. So the government doesn't want to give kids, the opportunity to learn. Kids in the elementary schools are promoted to next grade without testing them at the end of their school year. They are promoted without any test, so why they should learn? Teachers don't have to work to ensure that students pass, as there are no exams.
    I give tuitions to college students. Believe it or not, many of them don't know even grade 5 math. They don't know about fractions, decimals, and percentages. Lots of them don't know even simple equations, others don't know abc of Algebra.
    And now government wants to exempt even grade 8-12 students from exams.
    BC system of school education is a recipe for producing dumb young men and women who in turn will become incompetent managers and leaders.