Friday, May 20, 2016

Long weekend beckons, and the North Coast exodus begins

And they're off, the May Long
Weekend heralds the start of the
summer camping season in BC
With sunshine in the forecast for the Northwest and a Long weekend upon us (for some with SD52 hosting an administration day today it's already underway) the first big exodus of the summer season will soon be upon us.

North Coast Residents will soon be topping up the fuel tank and hitting the road, camping gear for some (those with reservations) or a trip to the cabin for others marking the first real trip of the upcoming summer season.

British Columbia's provincial parks and campgrounds get their first test of the year this weekend as well, with the new online reservation system discharging camping space at a feverish pace over the last few weeks, providing success for some, disappointment for others and in some cases some added income for a few, with a black market in camping spots apparently somewhat a thing from the new approach.

The high demand for camping opportunities in the province has some scalping their little patch of BC paradise for some pretty impressive coin.

Hot demand spurs camping reservation black market in B.C.
'Aggressive' camping reservation system sparks calls for change

For those however that do find a spot, whether through the luck of the online draw or through the counting of cash to campground speculators the weekend should offer up some good conditions.

Though with the sun and hot temperatures no doubt will come warnings to be cautious in the woods,
particularly when it comes to campfires and potential encounters with wildlife.

The NW Fire Danger is listed at
Low-Moderate for the Victoria
Day Long Weekend to this point
So far the danger in the Northwest is listed at low to moderate, (With the North Coast the lowest danger rating of the region) the Danger Rating rises the further inland that you travel, moving into areas beyond the Bulkley Valley to the east.

Some helpful hints on Safety for Outdoor enthusiasts can be found from the BC Wildfire Management office are available here.

The warm weather is also bringing the wildlife of the Northwest out, and while there have been no reports of incidents in recent days, an incident in Prince George which saw a resident of that city injured after an incident with a bear, provides a cautionary note to be aware of your situation.

Those travelling on the roads should also be aware that the RCMP of the Northwest will be watching the roads with a keen interest this weekend, keeping an eye out for those travelling above the posted rate of speed, or for those that may be using mobile equipment that distracts them from the tasks at hand while driving.

Whether your taking a long trip to Lakelse, the Bulkley Valley, or staying closer to home at Prud'homme or other area campsites, safe travels to all.

May the no-see-em's be no shows ...

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