Monday, May 16, 2016

Recreation Department goes online with Registration options for Summer programs

Residents of Prince Rupert looking for more information on summer programs for their children can now take advantage of the recently launched online service from the City of Prince Rupert Recreation Department.

The City started spreading the word of the new option to access information over the weekend, taking to twitter and facebook to share the information.

Once registered with the Recreation Department you can review the many options available for the summer of 2016, load them into your basket and make payment on line.

The Summer Camp program features two categories for this year with a program for those ages six to eight and for kids from 9 to twelve.

Aquatic Fun is also a popular summer event and for the early part of the summer, the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre is offering a number of different levels for swim lessons.

The newly designed webpage also provides background information on hours of operation, various schedules and dates for facility shutdowns.

The City's Recreation Department is now
providing easier access to information
related to facility operations through the
Recreation Department website

The webpage also offers up the opportunity to download the Recreation Department's 2016 Spring Active Living Guide, copies of the Spring guide book were recently delivered to homes across the City.

Should you need more information about something you may discover online, you can always contact the Recreation Department by email or telephone, the listing of different departments at the Recreation Centre can be found here.

Access to the online portal can be found here.

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