Thursday, January 4, 2024

Additional steps in place at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital following outbreak of Influenza A; Health Officials call for postponement of non-essential visits to facility

Northern Health in Prince Rupert has issued an advisory for residents, noting of some steps put in place at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital following an outbreak of Influenza A at the health care facility.

The advisory was relayed at 5 PM through their Prince Rupert focused social media page, from it Northern Health notes that they are asking that non essential trips to the Hospital be postponed for the time being.

As well they advise those who have not kept their immunization program for influenza and flu up to date, to do so to lessen the impact of the current outbreak.

Health officials did not outline how extensive the outbreak has been, or how many patients may be impacted by it to this point.

To book an appointment for a flu or COVID-19 vaccination follow this link.

More notes on how Northern Health addresses disease outbreaks at their facilities can be reviewed here.

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