Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 Budget Process underway for City Council

Monday's Special session of Prince Rupert City Council was akin to the starting gun in what is a marathon session of deliberation on the City's finances for the year ahead.

The City has provided a schedule as to how the process will move forward, a day timer of the Council sessions to come, as well as a notice of a Public Consultation (April 15, 2013) to allow for comment from city residents.

You can examine the City's timetable ahead here, complete with background information on the City's efforts on the fiscal front.

From the City Website, some of the key items of note on the Budget process can be found below:

Report to Council on 2013 Five Year Financial Plan

The budget process began on Monday evening, with a presentation from the Acting City Manager Dan Rodin. He offered up about a one hour review of the nuts and bolts of Budget preparation, examining any number of requirements towards the delivery of the City's financial blue print.

You can review his PowerPoint presentation from the City's Budget page, under the category of Overview of Budget Process.

From Monday's opening overview the Budget process will continue through the remainder of March and April, leading up to May 13th, when City Council will adopt the Financial Plan and Property Tax Bylaw.

Along the way to adoption day, we'll archive items of note on Budget matters. Offering up a timeline and review of each session, as well as an archive of notes from each session. Included in that archive will be a section for items on Budget issues from media sources in the community.

You can find our links below as they become available

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