Sunday, March 10, 2013

City Council Preview for March 11, 2013

With the first of the Budget Consultation sessions held last week, it's back to the more routine of items for Prince Rupert City Council for March 11th.

As Council holds its first regular session for the month of March, with a number of items up for review and perhaps a little bit of discussion.

First up will be a pair of presentations to Council on the night.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority will provide an overview on the topic of procedures for ships entering and leaving the Prince Rupert Harbour.

While a representative from the Hecate Strait Employment Development Society will also offer up details on the Welcoming Communities Action Plan.

After the presentations, Council will apparently consider two major initiatives:

A discussion on the prospect of expanding the City's borders (see our review on this item here).

And a status check as to where the City is in the process towards a replacement building for the RCMP and Fire Rescue Service. (some history on this can be found here)

From the exciting world of border expansion and the never ending discussion on building replacement, the councillors will then have to return to the more mundane items of their civic duties, such as land variances and the like.

You can review some of the discussion points from the Info for Council package found

The full City Council Agenda for March 11th can be found here.

The Full Information to Council package that all councillors receive can be found here.

Council will also, one again, feature another of the Special Sessions of Council, sessions which are Closed to the public. This week the subject matter is of an employment issue, as well as more discussion apparently involving developments at Watson Island. Council will also hold further discussions with City Staff for the purpose of preparing tan annual report.

The Notice to the Public advising of the Special Closed Session can be found here.

Our Archive of notes on the March 11th session is available here.

The Archive of past City Council sessions can be viewed here.

And as always, you can sit in on the City Council session from the comfort of your own computer connection as each Council session is featured in live stream over the City's website.

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