Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prince Rupert sits at 193rd place (out of 200) in Moneysense ratings

While we await the cusp of our hopeful future, our past it would seem is providing for a less than glowing reference mark for the number crunchers at Moneysense Magazine.

The publications annual examination of Canada's urban communities has ranked Prince Rupert in 193rd place out of 200 cities surveyed.

Compared to last year that is a significant drop in the rankings, last years survey provided for a finish of 179 out of 190 cities. (view last years findings here).

Over the last number years, Prince Rupert has found itself among the lower ranked of communities in the annual survey.

This  years findings, suggesting that while the prospects look good for the future, for the moment we are still very much a struggling community.

View the rankings here (click on each category to see where Prince Rupert placed in each)

Our placement marks the low point for British Columbia cities and parks us below Port Alberni (189), Quesnel (183), Campbell River (180) and Abbotsford (174) in the bottom range of BC communities.

Of note to local residents will be our ranking compared to that of Terrace, the only other Northwest Community ranked this year, Terrace pulled in a ranking of 155 in this years survey.

Prince Rupert's results in a variety of categories included:

Percentage of those who bike to work 1.1%
Days with Rain 228.2
Days Above 0 276.3
Population Growth 2011-12  .80%
Jobless Rate  13.23%
Average House Price $211,438
Average Household Income $67,439
Crime Severity Index 181.85 ( higher number indicative of higher crime rate)
Property Tax 1.84% (lower number is indicative of higher taxes)
Doctors per '000 1.53
Employed in arts and rec  1.02%
New Car ownership .28%

The most disturbing trends for Moneysense it would appear were our Crime Severity where we were 9th overall, Property Taxes where again we were 9th in highest taxes of communities surveyed.

Our Jobless rate is the 8th worst of the survey sample, while the always popular days with rain left us as the undisputed champs at number one!

You can review the methodology of the above number crunching here

You can review each section of the survey individually as well.

The Ideal City

In the past local politicians have been less than impressed with the Moneysense overview, considering this year's numbers we imagine that will be a theme moving forward this year

The Northern View had two items on the topic of the Moneysense survey.

March 27-- So what makes Rupert so bad? (e edition page 6)
March 26-- Magazine ranking rains on Prince Rupert's parade 

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