Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the Cusp of Canpotex?

A notice of intent to dispose of waste and the rumblings of hotels preparing to set aside rooms for workers, has rekindled the hopes that we may finally be on the cusp of an announcement from Canpotex that the much discussed Potash Terminal is set to move forward.

Wednesday's Northern View featured the notice from Canpotex Terminals (pg 24 e edition)that they propose to commence with dredging operations on October 1st, with the prospect of a one year process for site preparation.

The co-ordinates from the Wednesday advertisement place the site on the east
side of Ridley Island, across from Port Edward.

In addition to the notice,  an article in the weekly paper outlining the rumblings among the hoteliers of the city, has local residents talking about the prospects ahead and firmly places the Canpotex file back on the front burner.

The project received an Environmental Assessement Decision back in November, setting in motion the process that perhaps  brings us to the verge of seeing site development commence.

Should Canpotex deliver that much anticipated announcement that construction is set to begin, will no doubt be a prospect that will bring much relief to the City Council.

Frequently in recent sessions they  seem to have been banking for the future, on some of the proposed projects for the community moving forward, a prospect that seems close with the omens seemingly positive for the Canpotex project.

To refresh everyone's memory while we wait for an official announcement from Canpotex itself. A bit of history on the Saskatchewan based company and it's presence in Prince Rupert.

Word first started to circulate in 2008, that the Saskatchewan company had its eye on Ridley Island and the Gateway to Asia that it provided

In September 2009 Canpotex arrived in town, hosting an open house and seemingly setting in motion the plans for development of a potash terminal on Ridley Island.

. .

As 2009, moved into 2010 and 2011, the project seemed to be put on the back burner, the mercurial nature of the potash market, and a potential takeover bid from a rival corporation at the time, perhaps giving Canpotex cause for reflection.

However, as we moved into latter half of 2012, the wheels of industrial development seemingly once again began to move, as the Canpotex plans edged forward.

The North Coast Review has featured a couple of items on rumblings of the prospect of development over the last six months or so.

November 8-- Canpotex Development takes another step forward
September 13-- Mention of Canpotex stirs ambitions anew

While our Archives have further items on the Canpotex file.

With the current work on the rail, utility and road corridor now in full swing, the infrastructure will be more than ready for Canpotex should they confirm their plans and begin the long awaited development.

Those eager to hear further word from Canpotex can check in frequently to their website to await word on the project and the timeline that may soon be ahead for it.

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