Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A motorized brigade for the North District Mounties?

The North District RCMP showed off their latest acquisition last week in Prince George, rolling out their newly arrived Tactical Armoured Vehicle.

Known as a TAV, the Prince George based vehicle arrived a few months back and has already been put into practical action on North District operations.

The new vehicle, built by Navistar Defence Canada  would appear to be along the lines of their Maxx Pro version and comes with a price tag of somewhere around 780,000.

The version that the RCMP have procured for Northern BC has a number of features that can handle the various terrain and obstacles of this region of the province, as well as provide for a number of options not available to the regular patrol car.

The scope of operations for the vehicle could be anything from hostage situations to search and rescue and any other situation which may put civilians and police officers at risk.

The Prince George website Opinion 250 has a story on the vehicle's arrival in Prince George, along with a link to a video presentation from a Kelowna news service, (see below)  reviewing the arrival of one of the armoured vehicles in that community last summer.

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