Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Liberals announce Judy Fraser as candidate for North Coast

The wait for local Liberals is over as the British Columbia Liberal party announced this morning that Judy Fraser will carry the party's banner into the May 14th election campaign.

The local small business owner also sits on the Board of the Prince Rupert Airport Authority and is involved with the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, offering assistance to help recruit and settle new doctors into the region.

Word first spread of her arrival to the campaign through a tweet on twitter this morning.

In a news release issued by the BC Liberals, Fraser outlined the focus she has on the Northwest and what she believes the BC Liberals have to offer.

 "Today’s BC Liberal are focused on how we can grow B.C.’s economy," said Fraser. "Northwest B.C. is in the spotlight right now, so it is critical for this region that we elect a government that is committed to developing our resources responsibly, not a government that will just say 'no' to everything."

The entry of Ms. Fraser marks the second candidate to enter the electoral campaign, earlier this year City Councillor Jennifer Rice claimed the NDP nomination over Prince Rupert District Teachers Union President Joanna Larson.

The arrival of Ms. Fraser into the electoral campaign, beyond bringing to an end fears that Ms. Rice might end up winning the riding by acclimation, will provide for the opportunity for discussion and a review of the political options for the North Coast.

For those that have questions on the NDP policies for the region, the prospect of a candidate to ask those questions for them in public forums and on the campaign trail, will be a welcome addition to the political debate in the region.

Still to be heard, is whether the Draft Joanna Larson movement had any success in moving the former NDP nomination candidate to carry on her political campaign as an Independent.

You can follow our Election coverage on the blog from our Election Desk feature, we also track developments in the North Coast Riding here.

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