Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UNBC Vice-President seeks outlook of Rupert's future from UNBC alumni

Rob van Adrichem, The University of British Columbia's Vice-President for External Relations  made a quick trek up the highway to Prince Rupert last week making the usual pilgrimage to our industrial sites of note these days, important parts of the Northern BC infrastructure that are built on our resource potential.

Beyond the usual tour of the city's port facilities however, he also met with some UNBC alumni in the city, looking to try to better understand the issues in Prince Rupert and what role UNBC may play in the future of our development.

The informal information session took place at Cowpuccino's where the VP and the alumni held what appears to have been a lively discussion on the region's past, present and potential future.

The exchange of ideas offered up an opportunity to better understand the western end of Highway 16 and how the University of British Columbia can expand on its footprint in Northwestern British Columbia.

He returned to the Prince George campus seeking further information from UNBC graduates, both living in Prince Rupert and beyond. Looking to learn more about the grads, where they are whether in Prince Rupert or elsewhere and and how they see the community evolving in the future.

The review of van Adrichem's trip can be found on the UNBC website, part of UNBC's The Energy Tour page.

Current and former UNBC students (and even interested Rupertites in general) can offer up their thoughts by leaving a reply to his post at the bottom of his entry.

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