Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FIELDS looks to a spring return to Prince Rupert

Everything old is new again; third time's the charm.

Pick your favourite saying, FIELDS stores it seems will have one for you.

The on again/off again relationship between Prince Rupert's shoppers and the venerable Canadian department store will be rekindled in the spring, at least according to the new signage around the empty window fronts  of Rupert Square Mall, which heralds the return of Fields to the lower level of the Mall, right where we last left them it would seem.

Of course, the New Fields, is not quite the Old Fields, the purchase of the Fields name from the Hudson's Bay Company has provided for a leaner version of the old Fields franchise, seemingly destined to serve smaller Canadian communities..

In May of 2012, FHC Holdings began the process of purchasing 57 Fields stores in Western Canada, in  many instances locating in centres that were in the process of losing their Zeller's franchises and were under served in their commercial sector.

That would appear to explain the scenario where in the case of Prince Rupert, the Fields franchise would surrender space in the Mall, just as Wal Mart was about to arrive and now will return to the exact same location.

Regardless of the time frame of it all, local shoppers who bemoan the scarcity of shopping options in the city will no doubt welcome the arrival of the new reinvigorated brand of Fields.

The Mall, always hopeful of a economic bounce back, will surely  be pleased that yet another once empty spot shows signs of filling in, even if with a familiar brand.

For Rupertites looking for employment options, Fields recently posted a number of available positions  required for the spring opening of their Prince Rupert location, you can review those options here.

Of course, change it seems is always a thing in flux at the Rupert Square, where we gain one and then promptly lose one.

Athlete's World, latest in the lost one category, having closed its doors for good over the weekend, with staff busily moving wrack upon wrack out of the store for shipment elsewhere this week.

The final step in bringing to an end the presence of the company in the city, leaving Rupertites to travel down the highway to check out the Sportchek version of the company brand in Terrace.

Hopefully, for local supporters of a thriving business presence in the city, the return of Fields will be but the first of other recognizable names arriving in the city.

You can review our archive of commercial developments in the Northwest here.

April 3- Northern View-- Fields returning to Prince Rupert

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