Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BC Teachers' Federation rolls out advertising campaign for BC election

The BC Teachers' Federation launched it's advertising campaign in advance of the May 14th provincial election and not surprisingly, there will be no endorsement for the Premier, her party, or the policies of the Liberal government.

After a year of labour turmoil in the education sector, followed by this year's cooling off period of sorts, the teachers it would seem are hopeful that come May, there will be someone new to start the discussion with.

And if current polling numbers are correct, they'll be quite happy on the way to school on the morning of May 15th.

The thirty second spot offers up a number of British Columbia teachers declaring their love of the profession, while outlining some of their concerns about the state of education in the province.

While it ends with no actual endorsement of any party (offering up the suggestion that the current Government hasn't been particularly helpful to the cause of Education), the tagline however delivers a fairly concise message from the BCTF point of view.

That voters should elect a government that will give kids an education that they deserve.

You can view the ad below.

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